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TC Electronic 5.1 Processing Used in ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Audio engineer Evan Adelman

ABC’s hit variety series Dancing with the Stars, which returned to the airwaves for its fourth season on March 19, is being broadcast in stereo and Dolby 5.1, with the level control and surround processing provided once again by a TC Electronic DB-8. A TC Reverb 6000 is handling additional reverb and pitch, while the entire presentation is monitored on a Dynaudio BM6A/BM14S surround system.  

This year’s show features TC’s UpCon Stereo to 5.1 real-time conversion algorithm and TC’s multiband-level processing. This season, the new ITU BS.1770 loudness standard has been implemented on the SD and SAP feeds. TC Electronic was the first processing company to implement this new loudness standard.  

Dancing with the Stars was the first live prime-time competition series broadcast in HD and 5.1 sound,” says the show’s audio engineer, Evan Adelman (pictured). “This presented me with some unusual challenges, but the TC DB-8 gave me the capability of processing the SD and SAP stereo feeds while upmixing and level processing the HD 5.1 feed, all on one box. The incredible control of the UpCon algorithm allowed me to create a surround sound that more closely matched a natural room sound than any 5.1 mix I have heard. A bonus of using this system was having the fold-down stereo match the original analog stereo mix. This was essential for those viewers watching an HD feed but listening in stereo.”

For more information, visit and ABC’s Website.