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TRUE Systems Announces P-Solo Ribbon Preamp

TRUE Systems announces the P-Solo Ribbon ($745) single-channel microphone preamplifier, which uses the circuitry of TRUE Systems’ more expensive multichannel preamplifiers with enhancements to maximize the performance of ribbon and dynamic microphones, both vintage and contemporary. The P-Solo Ribbon, which is scheduled to ship early this year, is said to exhibit the same accuracy and transparency of TRUE Systems’ multichannel Precision 8 mic pre.

The P-Solo Ribbon uses the same balanced, transformerless circuitry found in the Precision 8 and the P2 Analog, and is built with military-grade, hand-matched components. According to the company, its response ranges from 1.5 to 500k Hz, offering a wide dynamic range with excellent transient response and low noise. It features highpass filtering, dual analog outputs, high-impedance instrument input and four-level metering.

Because it’s optimized for use with ribbon and dynamic mics, the P-Solo Ribbon has no phantom power, and it reportedly offers higher input impedance and gain capability than other TRUE Systems designs.

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