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Universal Audio Announces Fatso Plug-In for UAD-2 Platform

The original EL7 FATSO hardware provided users with the warm sound of magnetic tape, Class-A tube circuitry and transformers. Endorsed and scrutinized for accuracy by Empirical Labs designer Dave Derr, Universal Audio’s new FATSO Jr. & Sr. UAD-2 plug-ins faithfully re-create these distinctive sounds and can be downloaded immediately for $299 from UA’s online store.

Controls include Clipping, Warmth, Tranny and Compression Select functions for a wide variety of analog tonal shaping possibilities. Features exclusive to the FATSO Sr. plug-in include Tranny Saturation, Sidechain Filtering plus Threshold, Attack and Release. All provide stereo or mono operation with independent Left/Right controls.

“Empirical Labs’ contributions to record-making with products like the FATSO and Distressor are obviously huge, and our customers have been frenzied with anticipation at the prospect of having these modern classics available as Powered Plug-Ins,” says UA product manager Will Shanks. “FATSO’s release is a high-water mark for UA’s ability to mimic the behavior of analog circuits, and Dave Derr’s involvement in the FATSO plug-in development not only brings the highest degree of accuracy, but a greater assurance to our customers that we sweat the details with every single product we do. ”

The FATSO Jr. & Sr. Powered Plug-In is available as part of the new UAD software Version 5.4.0 release. In addition to the FATSO Jr. & Sr. Analog Tape Simulator, EMT 250 Classic Electronic Reverberator and Neve 31102 Console EQ plug-ins, UAD software V. 5.4.0 provides significant RTAS improvements for Pro Tools, integrated support for the new UAD-2 SOLO/Laptop, and enhancements for Windows-based UAD users.
Software V. 5.4.0 is available as a free download by users worldwide at UA’s download page.

For more information about the new plug-ins, visit Universal Audio at

Download the new UAD Powered Plug-Ins from UA’s online store.