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ALIBI Music Releases Three New Albums for Anime, Games and Game Trailers

‘Anime Action,’ ‘Dark Heroic Drama 3’ and ‘Cinematic Hybrid 2’ feature expertly structured tracks, plus versatile stems and alt versions.

ALIBI Music, a leading provider of music and sound effects for the film, television, videogame, advertising and streaming industries, has released three new albums for use in anime series/films, games and game trailers. “Anime Action,” “Dark Heroic Drama 3” and “Cinematic Hybrid 2” bring all the feels in expertly structured tracks for syncing, as well as numerous stems and alt versions that offer editors maximum versatility.

“With a growing number of series and games released each year, the need for quality music has never been greater,” said Kent Carter, ALIBI’s VP of Strategic Initiatives, who is also an avid gamer and composer. “From our perspective, it’s about providing content/game creators and their marketing teams with the tools they need to create immersive and engaging experiences for players. Whether you’re looking for high-energy action tracks or dramatic, emotional music, these albums have it covered.”

‘Anime Action,’ ‘Dark Heroic Drama 3’ and ‘Cinematic Hybrid 2’ (ALIBI’s newest production album releases for anime, games and game trailers) feature expertly structured tracks, plus versatile stems and alt versions.

Details about ALIBI’s three newest production music releases follow:

Anime Action (11 tracks, 457 audio files, Listen)
This vibrant, energetic collection of rock tracks takes inspiration from some of the most iconic and beloved anime intro themes. Leaping effortlessly between rock, metal and jazz fusion, you’ll find everything from shredding guitar solos and crushing metal riffs to poppy choruses, glitched-out breakbeats and big-band horns, creating an eclectic and instantly recognizable sound. Three of the tracks also include full Japanese-language vocals. Whether you’re looking to cut a promo for the next breakout anime series or gameplay footage for a wild/exciting racing videogame (that may or may not feature Italian plumbers), Anime Action is it!

Dark Heroic Drama 3 (13 tracks, 601 audio files, Listen)
An expansion of ALIBI’s masterfully crafted series of brooding, epic trailer albums, this album focuses on bombastic heroic brass and horns driven by tense staccato strings and underpinned by thunderous taikos and cinematic drums. These cues also include ultra-modern hybrid synths and sound design, making them the perfect soundtrack for any hero…or anti-hero. With haunting, ethereal intros, these tracks build perfectly to a climax to create suspense and drama and are also ideal for action, sci-fi, fantasy or epic war-based video games and trailers.

Cinematic Hybrid 2 (11 tracks, 533 audio files, Listen)
This triumphant, epic and soaring collection of rousing modern trailer tracks is the next iteration of another successful ALIBI album. Combining traditional trailer orchestration such as staccato strings and ripping brass with razor sharp signature synth sounds and bass pulses, this album is well suited for dark heroic and sci-fi projects. Each song sets a scene with dark, mysterious ambience before ramping up the tension with ticking and pulsing before exploding into anthemic heroic finales. Ideal for AAA game trailers, dark epic dramas and high-stakes survival/reality programming.

ALIBI tracks have been used in the trailers for such notable games as Forspoken (Accolades), Hogwarts Legacy, Call of Duty (Vanguard), Summoners War Chronicles, Galahad 3093, Gotham Knights (Nightwing), The Elder Scrolls Online (High Isle) and Godfall (Fire & Darkness), among many others.