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The Biggest Independent Sound Effects Library Sale On The Internet

Save thousands of dollars on high-quality sound effects libraries in the BIGGEST sound effects sale of the year.

In celebration of a recent milestone achievement over at Sonniss, we have teamed up with our vendors to offer HUGE discounts on thousands of dollars worth of sound effects libraries for the next 30 days.

You can find exclusive deals from the likes of Chuck Russom FX, RDGSoundFX, C.A. Sound, Inc, Josh Reinhardt, Glitchedtones, Alexander Kopeikin, Red Sound Libraries (Fred Devanlay), Samuel Justice, SoundFuse, Sonic Salute (Mikkel Nielsen), SoundEXmachina, SoundBits, The Sound Catcher, Chris Sweetman and many more.

For more information, please visit or contact Timothy McHugh over at [email protected]. You can also follow the @Sonnissdotcom Twitter feed or hashtag #sfxsale.

Sonniss is a premium digital marketplace for buying and selling high-quality sound effects libraries.  Setup only 4 months ago by Visionary Sound’s CEO Timothy McHugh, it has quickly become the number one place to go to buy independently produced sound effects libraries.