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Bose® RoomMatch® Modules and Modeler® Sound System Software Make All the Difference for the Eden Baptist Church

Bose® RoomMatch® RM7020 and RM9040 array modules virtually eliminate the need for extensive acoustical treatment at the church’s new sanctuary building, saving time and money and creating a better, more cost-effective system than planned

Framingham, Massachusetts, May 23, 2013 – When the new sanctuary-auditorium for the Eden Baptist Church in Burnsville, Minnesota, was designed, it was assumed that this house of worship would require a sizable line array sound system and extensive acoustical treatment, to solve spoken-word intelligibility problems caused by the structure’s smooth concrete walls. A system was scheduled to be ordered, and the church was ready to install it and then await the application of acoustical treatments. However, John Vegter, Owner of AV integrator Quality Systems, was called on to commission the new sound system prior to its installation, and he hesitated, sensing an acoustical quagmire or, as he put it, “A bear of a job!” Instead, Vegter recommended the church use RoomMatch® loudspeakers from Bose® Professional Systems Division. Quality Systems specified a pair each of RM7020 and RM9040 array modules, precisely placed based on what was determined by the Bose Modeler sound system software. When they were done, the room’s sound, which could have proven difficult, turned out to be just what the church needed.

“When they first contacted me, it was within a week of the other line array system being scheduled to go in,” recalls Vegter, who runs Quality Systems with his wife and Co-Owner Cheryl Vegter. “I looked at the site and the plans and said this is going to be a bear of a job, keeping the reflections from a 120-degree horizontal-dispersion line array off the walls, and it was going to need a lot of acoustical treatment to make it work.” Vegter had worked with products from Bose Professional Systems before, including the Panaray® MA12 and 502® A mid/high-frequency loudspeakers. In collaboration with Bose engineers, he researched the RoomMatch series of array modules that Bose had introduced last year. “When Phil Nelson (the Senior Bose Engineer) and I went on-site for the commissioning, I looked at the walls of the finished space, and I said there was no way we could do this without a lot of acoustical treatment, but the Bose engineer just said, ‘Trust me.’ I did, and it turned out amazing.”

Vegter says it took only a few parametric equalization tweaks to get the RoomMatch system to do exactly what its name promises to do: sonically match the interior of the church perfectly. “The Modeler software gave us the precise location, position, inclination and angles for each speaker, and once they were installed and tuned, the room sounded fantastic.” And, he adds, to this day it still has not needed any acoustical treatment.

The Bose RoomMatch array modules enabled the project to stay on schedule even with the last-minute change in plans, and save the client money that would have been spent on extensive acoustical treatments. “It worked out so well that I brought the pastor of the Liberty Baptist Church in Eden Prairie into listen and he ultimately decided on the RoomMatch array for their church,” says Vegter, who then installed RM5510, RM7010, and RM9020 modules in a single array at Liberty Baptist of Eden Prairie, as well. “RoomMatch is a great match.”

Bose RoomMatch array modules deliver superb audio quality for fixed-installations in almost any room size, shape, acoustic requirement or budget. Overcoming the acoustic limitations of both line array and point-source conventional designs, RoomMatch modules form a new class of curvilinear array that allows seamless audio quality, with consistent front-to-back and side-to-side tonal balance.

The Bose Modeler sound system software is an acoustic design and analysis program for sound system designers or acoustical consultants. Using a computer-based 3D model of the acoustic space and advanced acoustic ray tracing algorithms, Modeler can predict a sound system’s performance. The first sound system software to offer full STI prediction, Modeler software has been a leader in sound system performance prediction for more than 25 years.