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Canadian Tenors Rely on APB-DynaSonics

After recent appearances on Oprah Winfrey show and Dr. Phil, the worldwide demand for performances by the Canadian Tenors has exploded. The Tenors sing in different languages and styles from classical to pop, proof of which was their rendition of the national anthem at the NBA All Star game in Dallas, for 108 000 fans at Cowboys sta-dium.

The group recently evaluated numerous consoles for their In Ear Monitor system and chose an APB ProRack Monitor console over all others so they could be self-contained no matter where they perform in the world

Anthony Pitcher, the engineer who’s been the group’s Tour Manager over the last year, puts it in perspective, �These guys can sing. Period! It’s probably the purest form of music one could ever find and their execution is as flawless as is their overpowering passion and emotion that grabs you. No matter what

style of music a person may be into, I’ve not met a single person who isn’t captivated by the band.

It’s no surprise that artists of this caliber require the absolute best in personal monitor systems on both a performance level and reliability level. Anthony adds, “The good side of assembling the group’s monitor system is that they are pure artists a far as singers go and it’s all just about the sound quality. Before we bought our own system, after first using the APB on a show, we used some other brands on other shows and each soundcheck it took less that a minute for all four of them to comment on wanting the APB again.�

Anthony closed off by saying; “APB is bullet-proof because the guys who designed and built it know about consoles and how to do it right. When your career depends on reli-ability it’s nice to see the manufacturer understands what you need to get the job done.�

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