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Cheap Beats by Dre headphones in terms of sound quality mainly for popular music tuning

Cheap Beats by Dre Headphones is a stylish lightweight design, wearing a Cheap Beats by dre Headphones products, it is based on 2.4G wireless transmission technology, built-in lithium battery-powered, with a computer or laptop to listen very practical, very good young fashion crowd wireless listening choice.

Cheap Beats by Dre Headphones located in the entry-fashion users, it has several colors, design elegant, full of retro fashion sense. The headphones use ultra-lightweight structure, the steel frame of the hollow head beam design not only ensures excellent toughness, but also easy to carry out the demolition, shell buttons you can put off after the unit with the first beam separation, to ensure excellent portability. Headphones designed for portable carrying listening, it comes with a number of wire, and with the use of the microphone can be connected to the phone line, easy to make and receive calls to use.

Parameters, Cheap Beats dr Dre Solo Headphones frequency response range is 15-20000Hz, impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity 108dB, very easy to drive. The headphones earmuffs part is made of soft leather material, fit to wear comfortable, suitable for prolonged use. Headphones sound quality tri-band equalizer, the sound is warm and clear, meet general user completely is not a problem to go out to listen to.

Product Features:

  1. Simple and stylish appearance of ultra-small, built-in lithium battery-powered
  2. With invisible microphone, easy to make voice calls using

Cheap Beats by Dre Headphones design or fashion degree with a sleek design, the housing color patch, not too much decoration addition to products oni printed with logo outside, watching it is very simple. The overall structure of the headphones is lightweight, made of plastic material, very light weight. Headphone earmuffs part is made of soft leather material, the elastic, wear more comfortable, long-term use are not easy to produce fatigue.

Cheap Beats by Dre Headphones
Wear mode: Headphones
Function: video game voice Headphones
Cell diameter: 30mm
Frequency range :20-20000Hz

Red Beats by Dre Pro Cheap Headphones is targeted at the young fashion crowd to use, it’s the overall shape is sleek, stylish, with a lithium battery-powered, life is very good, very good choice of home wireless listening. Built-in dual receiving antenna Headphones, accept the full range available in a range of 10 meters, also with invisible microphone design, its clear pickup, provides greater convenience for users who often voice chat.