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Clegg Sound Deploys NEXO M6 for Dance Academy Recital

BUENA PARK, Calif. (June 29, 2017)—Since 1957, the New Hampshire Academy of Performing Arts (NHAPA) has provided quality training to over 20,000 dance students. Headed by Founder/Director, Marie Patent, the professional faculty brings a wealth of knowledge, training, and experience to its students. This year’s dance recital finale took place at Winnacunnet High School, in Hampton, New Hampshire, in which Clegg Sound deployed at NEXO M6 line array system. “The performances were part of the end of year dance recital and as always it was a major event, states owner Dean Clegg.  NHAPA is one of the largest, and in my opinion, best schools for young dancers in the state. We have worked with NHAPA providing audio and now projection systems for the last 15 years.” 

          Clegg Sound used six NEXO M6 boxes per side and one LS18 sub to cover a room of approximately 400 seats. Stage monitors consisted of four NEXO PS10 speakers, and the entire system was powered by two NXAMP 4X1 amplifiers and one and DTD Controller. Clegg chose the M6 for its low profile. “It’s a good system for dance and audience sightlines, Clegg says. Also, the tight pattern control allows for higher gain with tap dancer mics. We affix wireless body mics on the shoelaces of a few dancers which really sounds great and loud with the competing volume of the music. The M6 system is simply the best tool to deploy for dance performance and events where low profile and small footprint are required. The directors at NHAPA really liked the system.”

            “Working with Dean Clegg for many years, both on the numerous productions at NHAPA as well as at Prescott Park, (Portsmouth NH), we have always been impressed by his attention to detail, professional approach, and drive for excellence in production quality, states Robyne Patent, Associate Director, NHAPA. This year, when he mentioned the new NEXO sound system, we were eager to give it a try as it would cover the audience with brighter sound and reduce the footprint of speaker stacks on stage. The four performances went off without a hitch, and the quality of the new sound system was evident. When we put on performances, we put together a great production team of audio, visual and lighting. We would not consider using anyone except Clegg Sound.”

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