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*** The Cultural Park Theatre’s exterior. ***
Cape Coral, FL – February 2012… With more than 50 events each year—encompassing everything from exhibits, musicals, plays, concerts, recitals, and more—the Cultural Park Theatre is one of this city’s most prized establishments. Despite its rich activities agenda, the veritable facility suffered from less than desirable sound quality for quite some time. Recently, however, Cultural Park Theatre management decided it was time to upgrade the sound reinforcement capabilities of the theatre and this decision ultimately resulted in the deployment of a new loudspeaker system from the catalog of Greensboro, NC-based WorxAudio Technologies.

Cape Coral, FL-based Creative Sound Solutions, LLC, an AV design/build firm that handles audio, video, lighting, and acoustics for the commercial and church markets, was contracted to revitalize the Cultural Park Theatre’s sound system. After careful review, Creative Sound Solutions’ owner Tony Flammia ultimately determined that a combination of WorxAudio Technologies Wave Series 12Ai and 6Ai loudspeakers were the ideal solution to the theatre’s vexing sound issues. He discussed the nature of the project.

“This venue is approximately 40 wide feet by 80 feet long—with stadium-type seating for 189 people,” Flammia notes. “The stage faces into the length of the room, so throw was quite important. We had a limited budget to work with and, as such, there were no provisions for subwoofers as part of this loudspeaker installation. Because of this, we needed to find a solution with suitable throw that not only had the ability to deliver a high level of speech intelligibility, the system also had to be capable of reproducing music with full range fidelity. We found it with the WorxAudio Wave Series loudspeakers.”

Flammia, who also served as the system designer on this project, ultimately deployed a combination of two Wave Series 12Ai and two Wave Series 6Ai loudspeakers. The loudspeaker setup is arranged with one 12Ai and one 6Ai per left and right sides of the stage—flown at a height of approximately 12 feet over the stage. The Wave Series 12Ai is positioned atop the 6Ai. Of particular note, the Wave Series 6Ai loudspeaker enclosures are angled in and down from the Wave Series 12Ai’s in order to handle frontfill responsibilities for those patrons seated in the rows closest to the stage. The loudspeakers are affixed to the trussing that runs above the stage.

“The Wave Series 12Ai and 6Ai are both two-way, high efficiency, passive loudspeakers,” explained Flammia. “These enclosures are driven by QSC Audio PLC Series power amps and, together, they make a formidable sound reinforcement system with a very small visual footprint so as not to be the least bit distracting. We needed the low-end performance from the 12-inch loudspeakers, as there are no subs in this room. The WorxAudio Wave Series 12Ai delivers a very nice low, full range sound that does a great job with music reproduction. Equally important, the two Wave Series 6Ai enclosures cover the front row seats beautifully and cut through the stage noise. Combined, we have a terrific system with the throw to cover the length of the space with plenty of horizontal dispersion to cover the sides.”

The Cultural Park Theatre’s new sound system was deployed in early October 2011 and was placed into service almost immediately afterward. Flammia attributes a fair portion of the success of this project to the WorxAudio staff. “We consulted closely with WorxAudio’s Hugh Sarvis,” Flammia said, “and his knowledge and support were a great help in both the selection and deployment of the equipment. In addition to excellent customer service, the products themselves are first rate. WorxAudio offers excellent build quality. The moment we took the enclosures out of the box, it became apparent these are not your ordinary loudspeakers.”

“For this project,” Flammia continued, “we needed a speaker system that looked good and sounded better—that would fill every seat in the house. The old system had multiple dead spots throughout the space. The new WorxAudio system eliminates that issue completely. After the system was installed, the first band that used the equipment was positively floored with the clarity and fidelity of the system. They wouldn’t stop raving about it and house management has been equally complimentary. The new system sounds terrific and offers the versatility for a wide range of events—and that made these loudspeakers the perfect choice for this venue.”

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