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Studio Technologies to Unveil VenueView Monitoring App at IBC2023

At IBC2023, Studio Technologies will unveil its newest STcontroller proprietary personal computer application feature, VenueView.


Amsterdam, Netherlands (September 12, 2023)—At IBC2023, Studio Technologies will unveil its newest STcontroller proprietary personal computer application feature, VenueView.

STcontroller offers a means of displaying and real-time monitoring of key operating parameters associated with a number of different Studio Technologies’ Dante-compatible products. The focus of VenueView is to assist support personnel who are responsible for the correct operation of multiple announcer’s consoles (talent interfaces) and related devices that are being used by “on-air” personnel in broadcast and production applications.

The latest release of STcontroller for Windows, available on the Studio Technologies web site, adds the VenueView capability. Each VenueView group allows up to eight different devices to be monitored in a single user-defined menu, with multiple groups capable of being simultaneously monitored. Additional capabilities are planned for future VenueView releases.

Users can assign up to eight devices to each “venue” with multiple venues active at the same time. Each VenueView user has the ability to independently create their desired venues. This allows one user to view a set of devices on one PC, while another user can monitor the same devices, a completely different set of devices or a combination of devices on a different PC. This offers flexibility for personnel monitoring audio onsite and at a remote location (the latter performance requires the use of other remote access software).

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Once a venue or multiple venues are established, real-time audio levels and signal present indications from the related devices can be simultaneously monitored on the same screen. If a configuration change is necessary, clicking on a specific device’s VenueView window will open its STcontroller configuration menu. This will allow adjustment of parameters such as microphone preamplifier gain, headphone monitoring, and pushbutton operation.

The STcontroller application is available, free of charge, on the Studio Technologies website.

VenueView is currently only available in the STcontroller for Windows version and supports the following Studio Technologies products:  Models 207A, 214A, 215A, 216A, 232, 234, 236, 381 and 5418.

It is expected that future versions of VenueView will add support for the Models 204, 205, 206, 209 and 5205.