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Delta H Design, Inc announces ZR Acoustics® at 2017 Tanglewood

Marina Del Rey, CA] – Delta H Design, Inc. (DHDI) the leader in Quantum Acoustics™ announces ZR Acoustics® at 2017 Tanglewood. The summer home of the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) has a compact, powerful set of quantum devices including ZR SR8’s and ZR Micro’s at their studio at Tanglewood’s Lenox, Massachusetts concert location. 

2017 Tanglewood is one of the premier summer music festivals in the world, offering visitors an exceptional lineup of performances, highlighted by 10 programs lead by the Boston Symphony Orchestra Music DirectorAndris Nelsons. Additional classical greats that will be performing at 2017 Tanglewood include: John Williams, Yo-Yo Ma, Emanuel Ax, Joshua Bell, Charles Dutoit and Kristine Opolais, along with many others. This marks the second year ZR Acoustics® has provided acoustical support for the BSO at Tanglewood. 

ZR Acoustics® Quantum Devices are known for creating Life-Like Imaging, Extraordinary Definition and Ultra-Clear Micro Dynamics. Applied Quantum AcousticsTM Technology helps create 100% Phase Accuracy, which combined with elegant design, creates the legendary ZR sound. ZR Acoustics® devices are Ultra-Thin, Lightweight, Transportable and re-useable, in an Elegant, Aesthetic package.  ZR Products are an evolution of the original revolutionary ZR Acoustics® Permanent Construction used in projects such as Mike Shipley’s Private Studio and Universal Mastering Studios West.

SR8 Features and Benefits:

  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 450+ NPS/ft.2   (Non-Parallel Surfaces/ft.2)
  • Stunning Natural Wood Finish
  • Dimensions: 19.18” x 39.31”x .75”
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs 

Micro Features and Benefits:

  • Extreme Acoustic Resolution: 140+ NPS/ft2
  • Thin, Easily Tile-able
  • Elegant Aesthetics: Hundreds of Pre-Approved Acoustical Textiles
  • Dimensions: 24” x 24”x .75”
  • Weight: 9 lbs

DHDI’s Principal Designer and CEO Hanson Hsu commented, “DHDI’s research into intelligibility, cognition and perception, continues to reveal how incredibly sensitive human hearing is to minute changes in phase. These Phase Variances drive our sense of spatial location & depth perception, which we perceive as ‘realistic’ or ‘Lifelike’ imaging. It is truly amazing how a few precisely installed devices can have such a dramatic effect on how we perceive all aspects of sound: pitch, timbre, tonality, depth, width, height…every aspect we use, both in audio production and our everyday lives. 

We are committed to improving the planet through acoustics and architecture. ZR products continued to evolve in performance, quality and economy. Thanks to ongoing research and applied advances in technology, we’re excited to make these highly effective acoustical devices available to everyone.” 

For more information regarding ZR Acoustics® Devices please visit DHDI website at or contact us at [email protected] All ZR Acoustics® Devices are sold directly through DHDI, or through authorized dealers such as Lift AV and GC Pro.