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The 13 Best Reverb-Machines of the Last Four Decades in One Plug-In

HOLLYWOOD, JUNE 11, 2009 —EASTWEST, exclusive U.S. distributor of Best Service products, is pleased to announce the release of Best Service’s Halls of Fame ORIGAMI edition. Best Service’s Sonic Lab’s Halls of Fame ORIGAMI edition has rounded up all the stellar reverb units that the industry has to offer into one outstanding library. Supported by Yellow Tools ORIGAMI Engine, the collection is now an ultimate all-in-one reverb and effects processor solution.

Broken up into two categories “Vintage Legends� and “Digital Legends,� this follow-up to the successful Halls of Fame IR (impulse response) collection was recorded in true stereo, which takes audio quality to a whole new level. The libraries contain all the original presets from the following units: Vintage Legends: EMT 240 (1974), EMT 250 (1976), Lex 224 (1978), Lex 300 (1998), Lex 480 (1987) and AKG BX 20 (1965); and Digital Legends: Lex 96L (2002), Lex 96 (2007), T600C (1998), Bric M7 (2007), R 880 (1988), QRS 2496 (1997), and Even 2016 (1983/2006) Reverb.

“Never before have impulse responses been in one convenient and easy-to-use convolution reverb processor plug-in,� says Doug Rogers, founder of EASTWEST. “With all the original presets of the actual units offered in the collection, producers are sure to have a feeling of familiarity alongside the modernity of this collection.�

The extremely intuitive and easy-to-use rack functionality of the ORIGAMI Edition gives you immediate access to the premium IR models and variations of the first-class Halls Of Fame Complete library. With over 1500 presets of multi channel format IRs, the collection enters a totally new dimension for real-time impulse response processing. ORIGAMI offers three independent snapshot slots, an FX bank browser with many presets, and an elaborate time stretch engine “Elastiqueâ€? that gives you the possibility of adjusting the IR length almost at will. Based on Yellow Tools’ innovative Advanced Effect Technology (A.E.T.), ORIGAMI offers the most powerful impulse response processing with lowest CPU usage.

“In blindfold tests, participants could not tell our impulses from the originals,“ says Wolfgang Lenden audio engineer and music producer at Sonic Lab. “By using tailor-made test and production methods, we were able to obtain stunning audio quality that actually matches that of the original equipment.�

ORIGAMI comes with an innovative host and MIDI automation, which includes additional parameters like; invert, bypass, host learn and MIDI learn. The IR files have been specially designed for the ORIGAMI engine to get best possible results in quality, authenticity and performance — sure to meet the demands of any producer. The True Stereo HDIR (High Definition Impulse Response) technology in 96 kHz resolution and 32 bit floating point wave format have enhanced the S/N ratios further still. A high end PrismSound ADA-8XR converter and StraightWire audio leads also contribute to the unrivalled precision and pristine, crystal-clear quality.

Best Service’s Sonic Lab’s Halls of Fame retails for $445 and is available in DVD format for the PC or Mac. For more information, please visit the EASTWEST Web site,

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