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Electro-Voice PL Series mics on the Warped Tour

PL Series microphones from Electro-Voice got the punk rock seal of approval on this year’s Warped Tour, drafted for duty alongside the heavy-duty EV sound systems deployed annually for the tour’s Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands and Hurley Stages.

The PL80 was used as a main vocal mic on both stages, joining the standard-issue EV N/DYM, RE, and Cobalt series models used for backing vocals, instrument, and drum mic’ing. The PL mics impressed acts and engineers alike with their rugged reliability and sonic finesse – taking a licking a keeping on ticking is a prerequisite for any gear on this tour.

Every band that takes the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands Stage gives it their ‘A’ game, and every year Electro-Voice ensures they make a suitably supersonic impact, with a road-proven PA built around X-Array

concert loudspeakers and CP Series amplifiers. Mighty Xsubs deliver the system’s serious low end. Phoenix 1152M monitors deliver jaw-dropping performance with a tidy footprint. On the Hurley Stage, EV’s formidable XLC127DVX line arrays provide a combination of massive punch and full-bandwidth intelligibility for the wide range of punk acts performing.


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