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Lauten Audio Series Black Mics Get V2 Upgrades

Lauten’s Series Black LA-120, LA-220, and LA-320 microphones have received a number of functional and aesthetic enhancements.

Lauten Audio Series Black Mic
Lauten Audio Series Black Mics.

San Jose, CA (October 18, 2022)—Lauten Audio has updated its Series Black family of microphones with V2 editions for the LA-120 transformer-less condenser, LA-220 FET condenser, and LA-320 Tube condenser microphones. The microphones’ respective ‘sounds’ have not changed but various customer-requested functional and aesthetic changes have been made with the new updates.

All three microphones in the Series Black family now feature polished and engraved nickel head-baskets, while the LA-320 exterior has been completely redesigned— signaling its relationship to Lauten Audio’s flagship Eden LT-386 tube microphone. The smooth, silk-screened labeling found on the classic LA-120, LA-220, and LA-320 has been replaced by hand-filled lettering and now includes a Lauten Audio inset badge. In addition to material and aesthetic improvements, the LA-220 and LA-320 microphones also gain a redesigned, open-face shock mount system.

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The LA-120 is a transformer-less condenser microphone built around a US-made JFET, with analog sound-shaping onboard; it includes interchangeable Cardioid and Omni capsules. Meanwhile, the LA-220 is a two-tone FET microphone that allows users to choose between the warmth of a classic microphone and the clarity of a modern microphone at the flip of a switch, aided by a custom-made Lauten Audio capsule and hand-soldered circuit path. Finally, the LA-320 similarly offers that choice at the flip of a switch, but this one is centered around a custom-made Lauten Audio capsule and hand-soldered tube circuit path.

The new LA-120, LA-220, and LA-320 microphones begin shipping to Lauten Audio dealers and distributors worldwide the first week of November 2022. The LA-120 will have a street price of $499/pair, while the LA-220 will street at $399 and the LA-320 will be available at $699.