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with entertaining the news, reviews Monster Beats

Connect with Steven Jo on Social sites – Web site Development

The public relations firm in the a number of segments such as entertainment, activities along with it enabled the services wanted establishing the social media networking site to obtain connect with Steven Jo on social websites. Company made available the services towards the individuals and corporate. They also have their offices in Haiti. Organization was started from the group of 4 enterprising visionaries. Also Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk purple, they had the vision for constructing the platform for the typical individuals & artists at Africa to obtain together and also collaborate on the music, dance as well as entertainment, Steven Jo TV.

Business Case for website

Each Haitian in ways is well connected towards the music and with Steven Jo on social web sites in their own way. Also, they have the natural desire for showcasing artistic talent along with stories towards the community members as well as world on large. With simple access on Internet, they also have found the new medium for sharing the entertainment content with community. Whereas there are many communication channels that are developed in some other parts of world, Haitian community required the platform to showcase the talents to perform the arts music, painting and so on. PR firm know the opportunity for establishing the niche networking web internet site, which leveraged power of the user generated media, Steven Jo Twitter.

The web website was distinctive on other networking web internet sites because of the focus on the media driven collaboration by the users through music, pictures in addition to articles. Site at the same time proposed bringing together the celebrities for example actors, singers, choreographers Beats Tour, musicians, writers, bloggers as well as journalists for shaping future of the entertainment in Haiti. The ambitious project also received some encouragement from the government levels.

Features at Social Networking Site

The social media internet site helped African community to express along with connect with friends, and colleagues by blogs, forums, internal messaging along with other communication methods. Web site has also dedicated some sections that gave some quality information along with entertaining the news, reviews Monster Beats, the interviews of entertainment industry at Africa updated by seasoned professionals.

Features of web web site are:

? Blog
? Streaming Media
? Forums
? Internal Messaging
? Polls
? Friends – invite, groups
? User feedback – reviews, voting, like, bookmarking, favorites
? Events

User Categories – Web web site administrator will monitor user activity as well as based on the member performance or categorize member as the regular user, and writer or artist.

Artist Showcase – The segment features Steve Jo from different walks of the entertainment. Site is unique in the way it gives the rich as well as intuitive interface for uploading Beats by Dr Dre iBeats Headphones with ControlTalk black, sharing along with review the entertainment media – the music, articles, news along with blogs. The social networking web site is been developed at open source platform. Social networking internet site development firm used both in front end as well as back end segments that significantly improved user experience & improved interface.

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