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Extended Warranty and $100 End User Rebate Spur CAD Growth

Solon, OH––As part of an aggressive effort to grow brand and product awareness, sales and profit, CAD Audio now offers an extended 5-year warranty on its recording, live performance and Astatic Commercial microphones*.
In addition to expanding its sales and marketing teams, CAD is also offering special sales incentives such as an $100 end user rebate until March 31, 2011 on the critically acclaimed Equitek E100S Supercardioid Condenser, and 1600VP, 1700VP and 1800VP Variable Pattern Series microphones.
Made in the USA with exceptional specs—the E100S has the lowest noise floor in any class (3.7dBA)—the Variable Pattern mics feature unique technologies such as the ability to control the polar pattern of each microphone from a remote location up to 2000’ away via standard mic cable.
Asked to comment about CAD moves, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing Tony O’Keefe said, “In addition to the fact that they’re designed and built in

the USA, the quality, innovation and competitive pricing of these mics puts them in the forefront. We’re just incentivizing our customers to make the right move with CAD.�
*CAD Personal Audio products that include USB and headphone products remain at a 2-year warranty.
For more information about CAD Audio/Astatic Commercial, please call 800.762.9266 or visit