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FaderPro Releases Ableton LIVE Training Course: “Are You Able” is proud to announce “Are You Able� a showcase of a top level producer, iLL Factor, taking you step by step through the creation of an actual beat in Ableton Live.  A beginner-intermediate class taught by an expert as he cuts through each section of the beat and provides you with all the information needed to get on the fast track to successful productions using Ableton Live.

Like the successful remixing training course, “The Art of the Remix�, FaderPro’s latest release is available as DVD and Streaming on the FaderPro web site. This isn’t just a step-by-step tutorial how to use software, “Are You Able� is a comprehensive music production course where a multi-platinum producer shows you first-hand how he creates an original song using Ableton LIVE.

Beyond the basics, “Are You Able� dives deep into

not only the ins and outs of Ableton LIVE, but how to write, produce, and even work with artists. Singer/Songwriter Giel (Diddy, Timbaland, Jimmy Douglass) is invited into iLL Factor’s studio to further enhance the process by adding vocals to the song. You sit in the studio with them as they create the harmonies and track the vocals; witnessing how a producer and artist interact to complete a song.

Among other topics, “Are You Able� covers preparation, beat building, loops, musical parts, effects, recording, and working with artists. It’s an inside look at how to use Ableton LIVE, how to produce a song, and how to make the most out of the entire creative process.

“Are You Able� was Produced and Developed by Steven Lee & Vincent Di Pasquale for FaderPro, whose advanced learning videos and DVDs have been recognized and used by producers worldwide.  FaderPro’s courses are designed for new or experienced remixers, producers, engineers or musicians who want to learn the inside secrets to producing music.

“Are You Able� in DVD and Streaming format is available now on the FaderPro web site.

About FaderPro:
FaderPro is an emerging leader in online video based training courses that teach the art of music production. gives users an “all access� pass into the studio of top industry professionals to learn how they achieve their success. Featuring the highest quality videos shot in full HD giving users the “sitting shotgun� point of view of working with the best.’s mission is to be the premier online training resource for aspiring musicians and producers offering the fastest, most efficient way to learn the art of modern music making.