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Farzad Rahnavard Chooses Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128 Converter For His Studio In Germany

The producer and engineer says the unit is particularly useful for mastering projects as critical decisions are easier to make.

Songwriter, producer and engineer Farzad “Farzi” Rahnavard has elevated the audio conversion in his own studio by investing in a Prism Sound Dream ADA-128 modular conversion system.

“The Dream ADA-128 provides an exceptional phantom centre and stereo image, making it easy for me to EQ and use compression during mastering,” he says. “All my decisions are made much quicker, significantly improving my workflow.”

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Farzi is the founder of Duo Mastering, which offers mixing, mastering and audio engineering coaching led by industry professionals Tayib Thomas and Thomas Petermann, who have already made a name for themselves in the pro audio business. He began his own career as a songwriter for major record labels and had an international hit with Blasterjaxx. As a mixing and mastering engineer, he has worked with artists such as Cro, Shindy, Mike Singer and Shirin David.

“I have been using Prism Sound conversion for some time – I also own a Prism Sound Lyra audio interface that I now plan to use when I’m travelling because it is small enough to be easily portable and because the preamps alone are enough to be worth keep in,” he explains. “I am now using my Dream ADA-128 in conjunction with a Maselec MTC-1X mastering transfer console, which is the centrepiece of my studio. I also have Barefoot MM26 main monitors, Terry Audio EQ, a Manley Vari Mu, and a selection of outboard equipment from manufacturers such as Vertigo Sound, Knif Audio and Maselec.”

Designed to suit the needs of a wide range of audio professionals, Prism Sound’s Dream ADA-128 is a modular audio conversion system offering up to 128 channels of 32-bit A/D and D/A conversion. It is both a conversion system and a high-performance, networkable audio distribution and processing system, with a flexible 2RU mainframe that can be fitted with up to 16 analogue and digital IO modules (each of which nominally provides eight input or output ports, or both). Up to four host modules provide bidirectional multi-channel connections to host computers, workstations, networks etc, with the ADA-128 providing free routing between all of these inputs and outputs under detailed user control, as well as a wide range of processing functions.
Since upgrading his studio, Farzi has completed a number of projects and is currently working with Sacha Hanlet, a singer, songwriter and record producer based in Luxembourg.

“I have used my new ADA-128 across several different music genres, and I love it,” he explains. “It performs flawlessly. The sound quality is why I bought the ADA-128 in the first place. I highly recommend trying it out but have money in your bank account because once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to keep it!”

Farzi’s Dream ADA-128 was supplied by Prism Sound’s recently appointed German distributor ES Pro Audio, with whom Farzi has had a long and successful relationship.

“Erwin Strich, who owns the company, is an amazing human being,” Farzi says. “Everything that I have bought for my studio, I have bought from him. I trust him 1000%, so when he said the ADA-128 would solve all my conversion problems, I had no hesitation in giving it a try. And he was absolutely right. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made.”

Farzi adds that the customer support he received from ES Pro Audio and Prism Sound was second to none.

“Prism Sound staff were so helpful in setting up my Lyra-2 with my Trinnov ST-2 Pro – they even provided a setup file so that I just had to load it up,” he says. “Once I got the Dream ADA-128, it was very easy to install. I use it as my main analogue capture device and as the DAC for my monitors. I can’t wait to try out the unit’s new preamp card and I’m also look forward to using the Thunderbolt host card when that becomes available.”


About Prism Sound
Founded in 1987, Prism Sound manufacture professional digital audio equipment for the international broadcast, film and music production sectors. The company’s products are renowned for their exceptional audio quality and are the converters and interfaces of choice for many of the world’s top artists, producers, composers, mixing and mastering engineers. They are also the mainstay of many internationally acclaimed audio facilities including Metropolis Studios, Sony, ESPN, the Library of Congress and Walt Disney. Prism Sound also produces SADiE audio production workstation software, which is used by major national broadcasters such as the BBC and Radio France, as well as many of the world’s leading mastering houses and classical and live music recording engineers.

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