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Fishman Transducers Hires Bryan Fishman as Program Manager

Bryan Fishman has been appointed as the new Program Manager for Fishman Transducers.

Andover, MA–– Fishman is pleased to announce that it has appointed Bryan Fishman as its new Program Manager.

U.S. Navy Veteran and graduate of the United States Naval Academy, Bryan most recently served at U.S. Northern Command as the Senior Aviation Workgroup lead for our nation’s largest annual joint military-civilian training exercise, ‘ARDENT SENTRY’. During this period, he managed the planning, development, and integration of numerous simultaneous training operations, directing the efforts of more than 250 military and civilian personnel.

In addition to organizing Fishman’s multi-year product development schedule and helping refine the company’s product development process, Bryan will be instituting novel information management systems and contributing his experience to Fishman’s ethos of continual improvement.

Chief Operating Officer Jason Cambra added “Bryan brings with him a tremendous amount of experience organizing multiple projects and large teams to coordinate and maximize efficiencies. With this experience, Bryan will be assisting the engineering and procurement teams to further streamline our new product development process and ensure Fishman remains an industry leader for years to come .”

An amateur pianist and software developer, Bryan received his degree in Astrophysics from the US Naval Academy in 2008 and served for 8 years on active duty as a Naval Flight Officer. Bryan is the son of founder and President Larry Fishman.

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