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Fox In Oil Masters “Snow Falls in the Sahara Desert” at United Recording

The Russian pop-rock quartet, Fox In Oil, chose United Recording to master its second EP, “Snow Falls in The Sahara Desert.” Previously, the group worked with United Recording’s mastering engineer Warren Sokol on the completion of their debut EP online in 2016. 

The Saint Petersburg-based indie band was formed two years ago when a popular trio discovered then 15-year-old singer/songwriter Daria. The remarkable match led the band to a new era of creativity and artistry. In addition to lead vocalist Daria, Fox in Oil includes visionary founder Alex K, Alex V on drums and beat production, Eugene on keyboards and Dmitry on bass. The group specializes in chic pop-rock hooks, sensual modern R&B-tinged vocals and atmospheric textures.

“We enjoyed working with Warren on our previous album, but he truly outdid himself this time. He becomes a true collaborator. It’s a pleasure to work with such a gifted mastering engineer, said Alex K. “Our songs became cleaner and bigger. We achieved the pro sound we wanted and Warren even fixed a couple of problems after mixing. It was simply a great job.” 

In 2016, the group issued its debut EP, “Flowers Bloom in Atacama Desert.” Fox In Oil’s latest opus, “Snow Falls in The Sahara Desert,” is inspired by an actual freakish African snowstorm. The EP features crystalline keyboards, bold string sections, immersive atmospherics and a loose thematic blend of love and relationships mirroring the changing of the seasons-from heated romance to the iciness of breakup. The EP also benefits from the special touch of the Nashville-based production team of Christian Fiore and Daniel Grimmett. 

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