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Hummingbird Productions Composer Bob Farnsworth Writes Historic Anthem, “The Greatest Generation,” for Commemorative 70th Anniversary of D-Day Concerts

Nashville, TN, June 2, 2014 – Bob Farnsworth, Award-winning composer and founder of Hummingbird Productions, one of America’s leading producers of original music and sound design for the advertising, entertainment, and multi-media industries, has written a remarkable new anthem entitled “The Greatest Generation.” The new song will be performed by Helen Patton, the granddaughter of legendary World War II General George S. Patton, during two special concerts in Normandy, France (June 5 & June 7) which will be commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the infamous D-Day Invasion.

To see the music video for this new anthem, see:

The weekend of June 5-8, 2014, may be the last time in history that a significant number of World War II veterans who stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, on D-Day, June 6, 1944, to liberate France and end World War II, will gather to remember their heroic actions. President Barack Obama, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden, and many other Heads of State from around the world are expected to join over 14,000 people who will be converging on and near the beaches of Normandy, France, for a series of special events designed to mark the historic 70th Anniversary of that historic achievement.

Helen Patton, granddaughter of legendary WWII U.S. soldier General George S. Patton, and the founder of The Patton Foundation, will be presenting a special music concert at Utah Beach, France, on June 5th and again on June 7th. Entitled “The Patton Concerts: Liberation. Reconciliation. For Every Generation,” the concerts will present a statement of forgiveness and reconciliation by Ms. Patton, herself a singer. There will be two free open air concerts, one at Utah Beach and the other at Néhou, Normandy. There will be performers from the US, the UK, France, the Netherlands and Germany, all on stage together for each concert. The shows will consist of a mix of traditional French chansons, 40’s tribute music and classical rock ‘n roll.

The Patton Concerts are FREE open air events. Please see:

During the concerts, Helen Patton will welcome acclaimed European guitarist Thomas Blug of Germany, winner of The Fender Prize for “Best European Guitar Player,” and his international band, featuring Holland’s Sir Thijs van Leer (knighted by the Queen of The Netherlands for “Special Services to Music”) on keyboards. Ms. Patton, herself a singer, will also perform the world premier of a brand new commemorative blockbuster anthem entitled “The Greatest Generation.” The new song was written by American composers Bob Farnsworth of Hummingbird Productions, along with Darden Smith, and Rabbi Mike Shevack.

Ms. Patton said, “The Patton Foundation perpetuates the memory of the ‘World War II Generation’ often referred to as the ‘Greatest Generation.’ Those of that era, including my grandfather, played a critical role in the liberation of Europe in World War II. Over 200,000 American servicemen died freeing Europe from Adolph Hitler. Now 70 years later, very few of those heroes are still with us, and, unfortunately, the stories of their service and sacrifice have begun to fade over time. Our goal is to perpetuate those memories, so that all Americans, and especially our young people, know the story of these incredibly brave men and women. Our new anthem is just a small way of saying ‘Thank You’ to these amazing heroes.”

The Patton Concerts 2014, “Liberation& Reconciliation For Every Generation,” will take place:
June 5th UTAH BEACH, Sainte Marie du Mont at 21h30
June 7th PATTON HOUSE, Néhou, Le Bourg at 20h00

Says Bob Farnsworth, “This project was about far more than writing a memorable new song. Our goal here was to craft a very special musical ‘love letter’ to the
heroes of World War II — the men and women who sacrificed so much so that we, their descendants, could live in a free democracy. We hope that everyone who hears this new anthem, ‘The Greatest Generation,’ will understand that this tune was written to thank these remarkable people who never gave up on securing freedom for millions around the world.”


Helen Patton is the Founder and Chairman of The Patton Foundation in the United States and The Patton Stiftung Sustainable Trust in Europe. Both organizations seek to continue liberation and reconciliation for all generations. Ms. Patton is the granddaughter of General George S. Patton, Jr., the WW2 U.S. Commander who played a critical role in the Liberation of Europe.

Ms. Patton’s work in supporting multi-ethnic cultural ventures, including those based in challenging locations such as the Balkans, Africa, and the Holy Land, is testament to her determination not to shirk from conflict but to embrace and channel it through cultural exchange and artistic dialogue.

Underscoring Ms. Patton’s commitment to honoring the service of those in military uniform, she has toured the globe — from the Arctic Circle to the Sinai Peninsula, and even along the former Iron Curtain. Among her proudest recognitions is a special citation she received from the U.S.-based Chapel of Four Chaplains, which recognizes “Persons who have Rendered Service to Humanity without regard to Race, Religion or Creed.”

The Patton Foundation is an IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organization devoted to:
connecting the legacy of General George S. Patton, Jr., to the contemporary study and practice of leadership; continuing and expanding the Patton family concern for troops, veterans and their families; helping veterans mend, heal, and reintegrate into their families and communities; and perpetuating the memory of the WWII Generation as an example of service and sacrifice above all.

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Founded in Nashville, TN, in 1976 by Bob Farnsworth, Hummingbird Productions is one of the longest standing providers in the United States of original music for the entertainment and advertising industries. While the company is perhaps best known for its music in such advertising campaigns as “Always Coca-Cola” and Wrigley’s “Double Double Your Refreshment,” Hummingbird’s composers also create original music for feature films/short films/documentaries, TV programs, soundtracks, web videos, radio commercials, video games, and more.

Touting the slogan “Hearing is Believing,” which was delivered by Bob Farnsworth as a TEDx talk in Colorado in May 2014, Hummingbird Productions has, over the last decade, evolved into a collective of talented writers, artists, and producers who collaborate on some of the best music consistently featured in major national advertising campaigns. The company is renown for its talent and collaboration with artists and producers including: Grammy Award-winning producer/songwriter Keith Thomas; Byron House, bass player for Robert Plant’s “Band of Joy”; Dennis Holt, session drummer on Taylor Swift’s “Beautiful Eyes” EP; Swan Dive vocalist Molly Felder, whose commercial credits include national advertisers Pepsi, Michelob, and Chevrolet; as well as many others.

Hummingbird is the winner of dozens of Clio and Lions Awards, including the Clio Hall of Fame Award for the sound design on “Budweiser Frogs” – considered one of the Top Ten Best TV Commercials of all time. Hummingbird Productions has been an acknowledged leader in the field of audio and sonic branding for 37 years. The company also offers music publishing, music licensing and music search services, all while actively working with artists from around the world.

Hummingbird Productions is located at 1521 Graybar, Nashville, TN, 37215. The phone is 615-385-3729 and the website is:

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