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iD22 Brings Bass Player Chris Brown Back To Reality

Audient interviews bass player, vocalist, composer, & musical director with an impressive list of credits, including Soul II Soul, Kylie, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey & Lady Gaga.

London – “This little box is a little box of magic as far as I’m concerned,” says Chris Brown, who narrowly escaped spending a small fortune on his USB audio interface before discovering Audient’s iD22. “I’m glad I found the iD22 because the quality is not far off the unit I was about to buy. I am so happy with it.” He continues, “This thing sounds as good as anything that I’ve had before, and for the price, it’s just a great sounding unit.”

A ‘music industry professional’, Brown is a bass player, vocalist, composer, and musical director with an impressive list of credits to his name, including work with Soul II Soul, Kylie, Leona Lewis, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga. Spending a lot of his time on the road playing for different artists, he is just as comfortable in the studio working to create music from nothing, describing that as his “ultimate pleasure”. 

He prides himself in investing in the highest quality kit for his home studio setup. “I have the industry standard NS10s along with the Adams A77x monitors. I use the Native Instruments’ Maschine Studio as well as the Native Instruments’ Komplete controller to play all my sounds. All of this is running through the Mac Pro 12 core. So a pretty small setup, but it’s more than enough to make a strong record.” Well placed then, to evaluate his recently purchased iD22.

“The other thing that I like about the iD22 is the fact that I can have two speakers connected to it at one time, and do an A/B comparison between the two speakers just by pressing the function button, so there’s no need for me to buy a separate Speakerbox switcher,” he says, adding, “The build quality is outstanding! It doesn’t feel cheap or budget at all, it is very sturdy and looks just right on my desk.

Summer 2016 was a busy time for Brown touring with Soul II Soul, which has sparked a few ideas for a new record in the coming months. “Myself and Jazzie B were talking about it last week. I am going into research mode right now because it is not a simple task coming up with a fresh concept for such a classic band.”  It’s not just Soul II Soul fans who can look forward to something new. “I have a few artists of my own that I am trying to develop, so by next year you’ll have some new music from me – all recorded through the iD22 of course!”

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