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“Brooklyn Hustle / Memphis Muscle” Launches Birth of Ardent Music Label

Pictured at Ardent Studios in Memphis are (L-R) Jump Back Jake drummer Greg Faison, singer/guitarist/songwriter Jake Rabinbach, and producer Pete Matthews.

Jump Back Jake’s debut album, “Brooklyn Hustle / Memphis Muscle,” produced by Pete Matthews at the legendary Ardent Studios, is the first release from the new Ardent Music label and the same studio that launched legendary power-pop pioneers Big Star. Jump Back Jake joins the legacy of Memphis mainstays such as Isaac Hayes and The Staple Singers. .

Tracks from this Ardent Music debut can be streamed at

While the name Jump Back Jake is directly aligned with Jake Rabinbach, the Brooklyn native/Memphis transplant and unique lead singer/guitarist/songwriter, the band is not a one-man act. Instead, the quartet prides itself as being a group of players along the lines of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section or the Hawks. Formed in 2006, Jump Back Jake presents raw soul-flavored rock and roll with dance grooves and horn lines that bespeak a modern idiom in a traditional guise.

For Jake Rabinbach, the decision to sign with Ardent was an easy one. “Everything from the early garage-rock stuff to Big Star to the Staple Singers are a huge influence on Jump Back Jake,” Rabinbach says, “so it’s an honor for us to be associated with Ardent. They embraced us and treated us like family. Very few artists today get this kind of opportunity, and I can’t say enough good things about Ardent.”

Helping to launch the imprint are several key players in the Memphis music scene, including Ardent Recording’s founder John Fry and Big Star drummer and longtime Ardent component Jody Stephens,

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