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MONTREAL, QUÉBEC─This past summer was non-stop recording sessions for the Le Studio Mobile remote truck, from “Rencontres�, a spectacular event featuring Canada’s best known singers and “Les Misérables� to Alanis Morissette and Simple Plan. But probably the most unforgettable recording was the 400th birthday celebration of Quebec City on July 20 featuring a concert by Sir Paul McCartney. McCartney and his band performed to a roaring crowd that swelled to over 230,000 fans in The Plains Of Abraham National Park, which would normally peak at around 60,000. The birthday celebration was an historic event in and of itself, but it also marked McCartney’s first performance in Quebec.

“It was certainly a highlight for me personally that Le Studio Mobile was used to record Sir Paul’s first concert in Quebec and on this very special anniversary,� states Guillaume Bengle, owner and operator of Le Studio Mobile. Le Studio Mobile was hired to record the event for Videotron for a live Pay-Per-View special and an HD special to be aired around Christmas. Paul Hicks, who mixed The Beatles’ “Love�, produced the recording and Stéphane Lemay engineered the show which lasted close to three hours.

“For the McCartney performance, we used about 72 channels of the two Yamaha DM2000s we have installed in our truck, 48 from our Yamaha AD8HR-24 stage pre-amps and the rest from the consoles’ preamps. The inputs then went to redundant 48-track recorders.

By using both Yamaha DM2000s and six AD8HR-24s, Le Studio Mobile has a total of 96 microphone inputs with the consoles’ built-in preamplifiers. On-board recorders include a Steinberg NUENDO 48-track hard disk recording system and three Tascam X-48 48-track hard disk recorders; both systems output Pro Tools-compatible Broadcast Waves. The truck also has Sony PCM 800 48-track and Studer A-80 24-track recorders available. Processors include Aphex, dbx, tc Electronics, Lexicon, Urei and Waves with a Klein and Hummel 5.1 system, and Yamaha, Auratone, and Crown monitors and amps. Video components include a Panasonic 42� plasma display and three Sony KV8-AD10 video monitors with camera. Microphones include Shoeps, AKG, Sennheiser, Electro-Voice, Crown-PZN, Shure, Beyer, Audio-Technica and Sony.

Now in its 30th year of operation, Le Studio Mobile is recognized across Canada as a leader in location recording. A complete recording studio on wheels, Le Studio Mobile specializes in multi-track recording and live mixing for music, television and special events across North America.

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About Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc.:
Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of integrated professional audio products for the commercial recording, production, broadcast, live sound, and sound reinforcement markets. The company has a dedicated dealer network, intensive field training, and 24-7 tech support in the U.S. and Canada.


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