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Luca Guercio Finds Mega Sound in a Small Size With KRK GoAux

Musician and Composer Relies on Brand’s Portable Solution for On-the-road Songwriting Applications

GENOA, ITALY, MARCH 8, 2023 ― From small, neighborhood performances to touring throughout Europe, Italian Musician and Composer Luca Guercio has been wowing audiences his entire life. Growing up playing a variety of genres, Guercio initially started with the trumpet after being inspired by the works of jazz visionaries like Chet Baker and Miles Davis. But a strong desire to write his own music turned him to the guitar, and before long, he had fallen in love with rock music. Today, Guercio has combined his love for writing and playing, working as a composer for various soundtracks and performing self-written tracks while touring with rock band Meganoidi.

With such an appreciation for the art of songwriting, Guercio expects his gear to provide the same quality, reliability, and versatility that he himself dedicates to his craft. Among these is the KRK GoAux 4 Portable Monitor System, which he discovered while on tour with Meganoidi. “The portability and high-quality sound of the GoAux 4 monitors make them ideal for working on the road with limited equipment,” he explains. “This is my first pair of mobile speakers, and they are making things so much easier for me. I can now manage my time better and work in so many different places that were never an option before GoAux.”

While on tour, Guercio found himself working on new Meganoidi songs, as well as compositions for the soundtracks of the audiobook, “Come Il Leone e la Farfalla,” and the documentary “Wine On Tour,” both of which will be distributed soon on Amazon Prime. Guercio credits his GoAux 4 monitors as being a perfect fit for these critical listening applications. “The GoAux offers consistently excellent sound quality, which makes them a reliable choice no matter the location,” he adds. “The Bluetooth® function is also very useful—it allows me to use the monitors in any situation, both on their own and with other devices. Now I’m able to work on tour and always have excellent listening quality.”

Although relatively new to working with the brand, Guercio has long been familiar with the iconic yellow and black look of a KRK studio monitor. “I’ve only recently gotten my own space for my production work,” he explains. “In the past, I would go to recording studios, and I always liked the look and sound of the yellow speakers. I get that same sound quality with the KRK GoAux, which has made it possible for me to be much more precise when working on the road.”

Now that Meganoidi’s tour has wrapped up, Guercio is in the planning stages for his next projects. As he looks to the future, he hopes to continue incorporating the GoAux into his workflow, both on and off the road. “I have several projects in mind that I think will benefit from the high-quality sound and portability of the GoAux 4,” he shares. “In my opinion, KRK offers a great balance of quality and value compared to other brands that I have tried. I’m looking forward to using GoAux for my future work.”