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Minnetonka Audio Lands Agreement for Dolby Media Meter 2

Minnetonka Audio Software will distribute & resellbellwether dialog loudness benchmark
Dolby Media Meter 2, trusted loudness measurement

MINNETONKA, MN – Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc., a leader in production software for motion picture, broadcast surround sound and consumer electronics applications, announced today that they have finalized a worldwide agreement with California-based Dolby Laboratories, Inc. to distribute and resell the Dolby(r) Media Meter 2 product.

Dolby Media Meter 2 is a software tool that measures loudness in audio content for broadcast, packaged media, cinema, VOD and games. Differences in audio levels between programs and channels or between programs and commercials can cause major annoyances to TV viewers. These differences have proven much easier to hear than to measure. Dolby Media Meter 2 addresses this issue with award-winning Dialogue Intelligence(tm) technology. Dialogue Intelligence automatically detects speech in the audio track and only then measures loudness. Dolby Media Meter 2 also supports ITU-R BS.1770 and the EBU R-128 loudness measurement specifications.

Dolby Media Meter 2 runs as a stand alone, cross-platform application and as a plug-in for AudioSuite, RTAS, and VST formats. To better address the needs of the post-production community, Minnetonka Audio has created a new, all-inclusive product bundle that gathers together Dolby Media Meter 2 with SurCode for Dolby E Encoder and Decoder plus SurCode for Dolby E Stream Player. The SurCode for Dolby E Master Suite package replaces the existing Production Suite bundle. Dolby Media Meter 2, along with the new Master Suite, are available to channel partners and customers through a fully automated, online order fulfillment system.

As experts at surround encoding and decoding, dealing with correct dialnorm settings has been a vital part of Dolby Media Meter integration into AudioTools Server from the very beginning. Markus Hintz, Director of Global Sales and Business Development at Minnetonka Audio, reflected on the intrinsic value of Dolby Media Meter 2. “Dolby Media Meter is the most comprehensive loudness metering tool on the market, a solid and unobtrusive multi-platform work horse, with varied and unique measurement types. Dolby Media Meter is also the only assessment tool that can measure loudness within encoded audio and easily point to discrepancies between metadata settings and measured loudness.”

“Loudness metering and encoding are two essential steps to a successfully encoded program,” Hintz continued, “and Minnetonka Audio has an interest in assisting content producers to correctly encode their material, which hinges on correct dialnorm settings. Since software metering and software-based encoding products are typically used together, it can only benefit our customer base now that Minnetonka is able to offer a comprehensive solution. We are proud to be selling the pioneer in loudness measurement, bundled with our market leading encoding products.”

Dolby Media Meter is available for immediate delivery from Minnetonka Audio resellers and distributors and also directly from their eShop. Minnetonka Audio will be demonstrating the Dolby Media Meter 2 package at the upcoming NAB convention in April. For in-depth information on Dolby Media Meter 2 and how it integrates into the AudioTools Server family of automated QC and loudness control solutions for media production and post, visit booth SL7706 at the NAB show, head to minnetonkaaudio dot com on the web or, call Minnetonka Audio at 1-952-449-6481 or 49-2162-1062622.
About Minnetonka Audio Software
An award winning solutions provider for motion picture, video, broadcast, game, and optical disc production, Minnetonka Audio Software creates essential technology for top media professionals around the world. Their SurCode, discWelder, AWE and revolutionary AudioTools Server product lines broadly support the CD, DVD, BD and DTV standards, and represent the definitive leader in OEM codec licensing, as well as file-based QC and loudness control. Spanning over two decades of operation and based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. has a subsidiary in Germany in addition to an international network of distributors and channel partners who share their commitment to quality and service.

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