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Minnetonka Now Dolby-Certified for Adobe

Minnetonka, MN — Minnetonka Audio Software has received certification from Dolby Laboratories for its SurCode for Dolby Digital plug-in integrated into every Macintosh copy of Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS3.

“This is excellent news!” said Steve Clarke, Director of Marketing at Minnetonka. “Dolby Digital is the standard for encoding audio on DVD. Dolby has extremely high quality standards and their certification process is quite rigorous. We have had a Dolby Digital certified encoder integrated into Adobe editing software since the early days of Adobe Premiere Pro 7, right on through to the current version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 on the PC.

“Now, for the first time, Mac users can use our certified Dolby Digital encoder in Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium,” he continued. “Whether adding an exciting surround sound mix to the video or simply getting more space out of each DVD, SurCode for Dolby Digital is the solution. I have had users tell me that SurCode has saved them a gigabyte or more per DVD! This reduces the need to severely compress the video to get the project to fit. Our special integrated edition allows users to try before they buy, providing three certified Dolby Digital encodes for free! Discover for yourself what a difference SurCode for Dolby Digital makes.”

“We are pleased to have SurCode for Dolby Digital incorporated into the Mac version of Adobe Premiere Pro CS3,” said Giles Baker, senior product manager for Adobe Premiere Pro. “Mac users now have a wider selection for encoding audio.”

SurCode for Dolby Digital in Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (Mac or PC is just $295 (USD).