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Musicians Rely on CEntrance to Live Stream During Quarantine

From LA to Dubai, artists around the world use MixerFace to reach their fans

Chicago, ILJune 9, 2020 — As the music world stopped touring, musicians started streaming, and CEntrance, makers of the portable audio interface called MixerFace, found itself helping artists all over the globe to stream online. A great match for major online streaming platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, MixerFace upgrades the sound quality of smartphones and tablets based on iOS and Android. Using either built-in XY microphones or full-on home studio setups, MixerFace connects artists to their fans, with stunning audio quality.

Jake Morelli

When Quincy Jones called guitarist Jake Morelli (Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, The Roots) for a 3-month R&B gig in Dubai, Morelli couldn’t have anticipated getting stuck there in the middle of the residency. The club got closed and air traffic disappeared, so Morelli couldn’t return home to his family. Fortunately, he had the MixerFace with him and has been recording, communicating, and live streaming with it every day. “While quarantined in Dubai,” said Morelli, “I worked on several online collaborations—because an artist must create art, even under the most challenging circumstances. I’ve done projects remotely with drummer Daru Jones, eclectic UK artist Ivy Channel, bass pioneer Jamaaladeen Tacuma, and vocalist Rogelio Douglas Jr. I really cannot say enough great things about this little device,” adds Morelli, “except that my guitar and bass have never sounded better! There is some serious mojo going on here. And if you plug in the CEntrance Pivot Mics, the exquisite detail that is picked up from vocals, or an entire band are simply astounding.” See YouTube video of one collaboration:

Paul BoutinWhen Kenny “BabyFace” Edmonds decided to record a song in tribute to George Floyd, his Grammy® award-winning recording engineer Paul Boutin (Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, Pharrell Williams) setup the MixerFace and recorded his guitar and vocals in one take. Boutin has been using MixerFace for the BabyFace live streams ever since. “I used the cute little MixerFace for Kenny’s ‘Waiting to Exhale’ music event with guest star Toni Braxton,” said Boutin. “Everything sounded so much better through the MixerFace than all those other ones I tried, it was so very clean. MixerFace is definitely a pro product. I plan to use it on all the upcoming live streams and even Instagram recordings we do straight to video that I engineer for Kenny.” See Instagram video of the George Floyd tribute:

Charlie HunterWhen 7-string guitar phenom Charlie Hunter is streaming live to Facebook or Instagram from his home during the quarantine, he uses the CEntrance MixerFace as well. Hunter’s fans are very happy with the sound quality of his impromptu concerts. Hunter said, “The MixerFace is fantastic! Easy for live streaming and greatly improves the sound quality too.” See Charlie’s live stream at:

DJ-Ace-Vaughn-Wilson“In the world of Live Streaming DJ sets, it is very important to start with the highest quality audio signal,” said Vaughn Wilson,DJ Ace” of Mega Ace Media, LLC. “I tried a few options and still was not satisfied. As a certified Pro Tools engineer, my ears were keen, and less than pristine audio was unacceptable. When I got my hands on a MixerFace I knew it had the sound and versatility to both capture the high-fidelity I was looking for and interface with my setup. While also being a multimedia producer, I integrated MixerFace seamlessly with my DSLR camera to produce the high-end audio that high-resolution video requires.”  See Vaughn’s YouTube Master class here:

Marcus BaylorThe former drummer for the Yellowjackets, Marcus Baylor is now part of the two-time Grammy®-nominated band called The Baylor Project. He says: “The MixerFace is a great device that has taken our live streaming audio to the next level. The mic preamps are great and the MixerFace is a strong durable device that is perfect for traveling on the road!” See YouTube collaboration video:

MixerFace starts at $199.99 and is available in several models:— for more information on all CEntrance products, including the stereo Pivot Mics, visit:

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