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Nike Air Max 2012 55 In the sight of Allah, the most inferior animals do not channel, they are unbelievers. 56 you and them some to conclude the Covenant, and they are in violation of their covenant every time, they do not fear. 57 If you met them in the war, you should (punish) them, to disperse the people behind them so that they consciousness. 58 If you are not afraid of a tribe loyal to the Covenant, you should publicly throw their covenant has them. Allah is not like those of the fraud. 59 people who disbelieve think that they should not have to escape the curse; they did not escape the curse. 60 you should be prepared for them to prepare the force you can and horses, you take the threatening enemies of God and your enemies, and their other enemies outside, you do not know who the enemy, but God know them. The main channel, where you spend, no matter what, will be fully paid, you will not lose. Nike Air Max 2011 61, if they tend to peace, you should also tend to peace, should trust God. He is the All Hearer, is the All-Knowing. 62 If they want to deceive you, then, God will make you satisfied, he will be his aid and assist you believers. 63 He has co-believers of the heart; if you are devoting all the wealth of the earth, you still can not joint their hearts; But God has combined them. He is the Almighty, indeed Wise. 64 Prophet ah! God can make you satisfied, you can follow the believers met. 65 Prophet ah! You should encourage the believers fought the war, if you have twenty people who persevere can defeat two hundred enemies; If you have a hundred people, can overcome a thousand times no channel people; because disbelievers are not smart people. 66 Now, God has been to reduce the burden on you, he knows you in a bit weak, if any one hundred of you who persevere can defeat two hundred enemies; if you have a thousand, can this God’s intention And over two thousand enemies. Allah is with those who persevere in the same. 67 Zhong Cheng prophet on earth before the enemy, should not have captured. Nike Air Max 87 Enriching earth floating interest you, and God willing you to enjoy the rewards later. Allah is Almighty, Wise. 68 If not from God’s judgments issued in the past, then you must be a ransom for the admission and suffered a major penalty. 69 you can eat to obtain their own legal and Caramel booty, ye fear Allah. Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful of. 70 Prophet ah! You captives of your hands say: “If God knows your heart good, then he should accept the ransom than you are better things reward you, and forgive you. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful . “71. If they want to deceive you, then they did for Allah has said deceived; but God make you beat them. God is all-knowing, Wise. 72 channel and moved, and to their property and lives to fight for God’s people and Kuanliu (messenger), sponsor (the right way), and this, who are each other’s guardian. Channel without relocation of people, each Guardian must not be with you, until they moved; for religious issues but if they seek help to you, then you should aid them, unless you have their covenant relationship with the enemy. Allah is the truth behind your behavior. Nike Air Max 1 73 is not the faithful guardian of each other. If you do not comply with this order, then, will take place where persecution and chaos. 74 channel and moved, and the struggle for God and Kuanliu (messenger), sponsor (the right way), and this is indeed true, and others who believe that they will be forgiveness and generous provision. 75 channel and then moved, and those who struggle with you, this fellow, who is your. Blood relatives and guardians of each other, which is set out in the days after, Allah is All-Knowing of all things. Seems a year ago, like dust wind greatly to tell me a story, is her idea, she said that this story is named to two friends name, titled “Such is Life Acacia know I do not know. This story I was very interested in the topic also won my heart, he took with him out of envy, jealousy and hatred, etc. like dust this text.