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~New Full-Length Album Recorded and Mixed at Las Vegas Studio ~

LAS VEGAS, NV, NOVEMBER 5, 2009 – Legendary rock duo Air Supply recently turned to Odds On Records & Studios, the newest recording facility in Las Vegas, to record and mix tracks for its newest album, which is expected to be released in early 2010. The full-length, 14-track album, entitled Mumbo Jumbo, features an updated, evolved sound, as the band has taken its token ballad approach and added a fresh, new tone. Lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock and guitarist/vocalist Graham Russell were so impressed with the studio’s incredible sounding rooms and client service that they joined the Odds On independent label earlier this year.

“We became friends with the Odds On staff first and then we started talking about forming a partnership,� says Graham Russell. “We play in Las Vegas several times

a year, so it was a natural fit to work at on the studio.�

Air Supply tracked in Studio A’s SSL Duality room, which houses one of the largest consoles in the country, a 96-input console, and mixed in Studio B’s SSL 9000K room. The band also recorded three new tracks at the studio after it thought the album was completed.

“I just keep writing so we recorded three more tracks from scratch ― the tracking rooms are just fantastic,� explains Russell.

Air Supply also turned to the Las Vegas Philharmonic, the first string session to perform in Odds On’s live room, to contribute to the recording process. The Las Vegas Philharmonic was incorporated into four tracks on the new album.

“I’ve been in a lot of studios, and in the best rooms, all over the world but Odds On is the best studio I’ve ever been in,� continues Russell. “It truly is a full service operation ― there’s the studio with several top-of-the-line rooms, plus the added benefit of the label. It has everything that you could ever want in a studio in terms of equipment, there’s nothing it doesn’t have. The equipment is second to none ― it’s just a great environment to work in.�

Award-winning independent and part-time staff engineer James ‘Bonzai’ Caruso mixed the entire record and also engineered several tracks. The album was produced by Air Supply with guidance from Bonzai.

“We wanted continuity to the album and Bonzai just brought this beautiful sound to the record,� continues Russell. “We trusted him completely and he brought new life to the project.�

As avid performers, Air Supply does about 130 shows a year. The band will be on the road touring for the remainder of 2009 – currently on a month-long Asian tour, and then heading to the Middle East, Canada and Mexico. When it returns to the states, the band will be gearing up for its new 2010 release.

About Odds On Records & Studios
Located an arm’s length from the Las Vegas strip, Odds On Records & Studios is a $7 million multi-faceted recording facility that combines vintage flair with state-of-the-art technology. The recording studio houses the largest mixing console in North America, a 96-input SSL Duality, as well as such classic industry gear as restored AKG, Gefell and Neumann tube microphones. Odds On Records & Studios has hosted several A-list artists including Alicia Keys, Air Supply, Ultraviolet Sound, and up and coming Australian group, Blue King Brown. Odds On Records & Studios delivers an array of recording services under one umbrella, including its own record label. For more information about the Odds On Records & Studios, visit