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Pro Sound Effects Upgrades Freelancer Program with New Libraries and Software

The Hybrid Library 2017, Master Library, Urban Ambisonics Bundle, iZotope’s RX 5, Soundminer, BaseHead, Krotos’ Dehumaniser II, and SoundMorph’s Wave Warper are among 18 PSE-curated sound effects libraries and software programs currently available to members at up to 60% off. This is the largest product offering the Freelancer Program has featured since launching in November 2015. Special pricing on libraries and software is updated regularly.

Additionally, starting December 1st, 150 licenses for the Hybrid Library 2017 will be on sale for $1,495 (reg. $3,995) exclusively for members of the Freelancer Program until December 31st. New 2017 features of PSE’s most popular general library include 8,000+ new feature film sound effects and bundled search software. Freelancers can apply now for free to insure early access to the offer.

“We understand that freelancers need high quality sound effects and editing tools in order to earn the business of their clients. Each year we try to add significant value to what has become our signature offering at a compelling price.” said Douglas Price, President of Pro Sound Effects. “Our goal is to help level the playing field by supporting freelancers with affordable access to what we consider to be the most useful and creative tools on the market.”

Freelancer Program Video:


  • Save up to 60% year-round
  • Featured libraries and software include:

    Hybrid Library 2017
    Master Library
    Urban Ambisonics Bundle: NYC, Chicago, Tokyo
    Expansions 1, 2, 3
    RX 5 by iZotope (Standard, Advanced, Plug-in Pack)
    RX Post Production Suite by iZotope
    Iris 2 by iZotope
    Soundminer (All Versions)
    BaseHead (Standard, Ultra)
    Dehumaniser II by Krotos
    Wave Warper by SoundMorph
    Online Library Download Credits

New libraries and software added regularly

No purchase required



Freelance and independent media creators of all types – sound designers, sound editors, audio engineers, video editors, filmmakers, game developers, and aspiring titans of industry. The application is free with no purchase commitment.

See to apply and for more information.