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Scott Frankfurt Studio Now Open to Public in Woodland Hills, CA

Hybrid digital & analog studio offers emerging artists a ‘big studio sound’

Scott Frankfurt Studios in Woodland Hills, CA: 20 minutes from Hollywood
Woodland Hills, CA – August 9, 2012 – Producer and engineer Scott Frankfurt has opened his Los Angeles area studio to the public. The Woodland Hills studio is a mere 20 minutes from Hollywood and offers a refreshingly relaxed environment along with a technically versatile recording setup. A custom Pro Tools HD-based recording system offers a hybrid analog and digital system for the best of both worlds; there is the speed and controlled quality of digital recording and the old-school tone control of analog mixing and outboard processing for a big, warm sound.

The large control room is comfortable, with multiple monitor choices and a standard patchbay with a variety of classic and cool analog outboard equipment. The isolation room affords a singer, a guitarist, or a drummer plenty of room to make music while avoiding outside noise and interruptions. The studio was designed by Greg Thompson and built by Ron Balmer and Frank LaTouf, who constructed Westlake Recording Studios and the Record Plant, among many others. The finished rooms were acoustically tuned by renowned technician George Augsperger.

Frankfurt says, “I’m passionate about music and the art of producing it. We work with clients from cutting-edge Indie bands to some of the biggest names in the business. We’re all about offering creative support to recording artists. My wife Sharon and I are here to make the experience memorable and relaxed, while making sure the musical outcome is extraordinary.”

Beyond just the gear, there is the environment itself -the comfort of a relaxed setting- the spacious control room, the garden right outside the studio, a separate room for recording on the Steinway grand piano, B3 organ, or Rhodes electric piano. Already, the new studio is attracting praise from clients.

“I recently had the pleasure to spend a week overdubbing at Scott Frankfurt Studio,” says David Hentschel (George Harrison, Genesis, Elton John, P.O.D., Missy Elliot, LL Cool J). “As you would expect from someone of Scott’s reputation and professionalism, the studio is immaculate both technically and sonically. It is one of the most well-equipped and comfortable working environments that I have ever worked in – I can’t wait to work there again.”

Legendary artist and musician Sergio Mendes lends his praise: “I have been making records for 50 years and have had the opportunity of working in studios all over this planet. Every day working at the studio was a joyful experience for me – great sounds, and the warmest environment! I highly recommend the studio.”

“If you are interested in working in an environment where excellence rules the day, then work with Scott Frankfurt,” adds world-renowned bass player and musician Abraham Laboriel, Sr.

Frankfurt also acts as a producer on projects in his studio, and Grammy® and Oscar®-winning singer Christopher Cross chose him for his “Walking In Avalon” release. “Scott’s talents and skills range from composition, programming, and engineering to playing, producing, and creating a wonderful vibe in his state-of-the-art room. I have had the privilege of working over the last 30 years with some of the most gifted people in the industry, and Scott is front and center in that class photo,” states Cross.

“We love meeting new artists, producers, and engineers, and look forward to supporting their creativity,” concludes Frankfurt. “The studio has proven successful at delivering a professional, relaxed atmosphere with innovative workflow and sonic excellence.”

To discuss a project, contact Scott Frankfurt at (818) 694-6446 or email [email protected]. For more information on Scott Frankfurt Studio, browse the website at: