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KRK Launches Scott Storch Studio Monitors

KRK has introduced its Artist Signature Series Classic 8ss Scott Storch Studio Monitors, limited to a run of 500 pairs.

KRK Artist Signature Series Scott Storch Studio Monitors
KRK Artist Signature Series Classic 8ss Scott Storch Studio Monitors.

Nashville, TN (August 1, 2023)—KRK has launched its new limited-edition artist signature series with the debut of its Scott Storch Classic 8ss Studio Monitor model. Limited to a run of 500 pairs, the Classic 8ss—with the “ss” signifying the storied producer of acts like Beyoncé, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and others—incorporates visual elements that underline his input into the model.

Each Classic 8ss sports a distinctive gold chrome electroplated front baffle, as well as Storch’s logo and signature. Storch’s signature sits in the top right corner of the front panel, while the rear panel features a Scott Storch logo—complete with his sunglasses―along with his signature.

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The new Classic 8ss is an active two-way studio monitor that utilizes a one-inch textile soft dome tweeter paired with an 8” Glass Aramid Woofer. The built-in power amplifiers provide a total of 100 watts of power, with a 75-watt amp driving the woofer and a 25-watt amp for the tweeter. The Classic 8ss defaults to a flat frequency solution and has the optional ability to engage +2 dB KRK Bass Boost.

“For years, the KRK Classic 8 monitors have been essential to my artistic music-making process,” says Storch. “To now have personalized versions of my favorite studio monitors is an exciting venture for me. Designing these monitors has been such a cool experience―one that you don’t often see happen. I’m honored that KRK chose me for its first-ever artist collaboration. I can’t wait to see everyone rocking the Scott Storch Classic 8ss monitors.”

The limited run of 500 pairs runs $299 per speaker.