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Sound Devices’ Latest Audio and Video Solutions Make Their Mark at Cine Gear Expo 2016

Complete Line of Video Devices 4K Recording Field Monitors and Accessories, and Sound Devices 688 including Dugan Automixing, Will Be Highlighted

HOLLYWOOD, MAY 17, 2016Sound Devices, LLC, will showcase its expanding range of Video Devices’ brand of products and Sound Devices branded audio products at Cine Gear Expo 2016 (Booth 94 in Paramount Studios’ New York Streets Back Lot). On display will be the complete line of Video Devices PIX-E Series 4K recording field monitors and accessories, rack-mount PIX 270i and PIX 250i video recorders, Sound Devices’ 688 field production mixer and accessories, and the rack-mount 970 audio recorder. 

The PIX-E Series — which includes two five-inch models, the PIX-E5 and PIX-E5H, as well as the seven-inch PIX-E7 — are the perfect companions for DSLRs and larger digital cinema cameras. The PIX-E5H features HDMI I/O, while the PIX-E5 and PIX-E7 monitors have both SDI and HDMI I/O. The groundbreaking PIX-E Series accessories, including the first-of-its-kind PIX-LR audio interface with signature Sound Devices-designed mic preamps, and the SpeedDrive recording and file-delivery enclosure, will also be on display.

Video Devices will also preview two new PIX-E Series features — the addition of an H.264 codec and the capability of simultaneously recording a high-quality, edit-ready Apple ProRes file and a much smaller size H.264 MP4 file. PIX-E Series monitors come equipped with a full suite of precision monitoring tools and scopes, plus the ability to record 4K and ProRes edit-ready files to the SpeedDrive — a custom enclosure for non-proprietary, industry standard mSATA solid-state drives. 

“We’ve raised the bar on what production professionals can achieve with our increasingly powerful, feature-packed PIX-E Series of recording field monitors and supporting accessories,” says Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design, Sound Devices, LLC. “And now with our demo of H.264 recording, and simultaneous ProRes and H.264 record capabilities, we give our users even more flexibility in file delivery.”

Flexibility and an expanding array of features will also be front and center with the Sound Devices audio products shown at the expo. Every new product and capability was developed based on feedback from the production industry’s need for more mics, feeds, and audio channels, amidst tighter time constraints and fast-paced schedules.

Sound Devices’ latest 6-Series product, the 688 12-input, 16-track portable mixer/recorder will be on display alongside an innovative duo of accessories: the optional SL-6 powering and wireless system, and the CL-12 linear fader controller. When deployed in the field, the 688 combined with the SL-6 and CL-12 bring crucial versatility to a production mixer’s toolkit. Using the 688 with the SL-6 provides streamlined powering and wireless control, while the CL-12 helps cart-based mixing, via one USB cable.

The 688 now offers Dugan automixing as part of its latest firmware update, making it the first and only field production mixer to offer the renowned Dugan automixing algorithm. The inclusion of the Dugan Speech System™ as an option along with Sound Devices’ MixAssist™ automixing technology, makes the 688 the ‘go-to’ automixing tool for field production applications. Whether on the set of a reality television series, recording discussion panels, or similar situations with multiple open mics, both automixing options help the sound mixer focus on the art of mixing, as opposed to frantically cueing mics in and out.

Sound Devices will also demo the 688’s new RF Scan capability that scans the RF spectrum using the SL-6 with SuperSlot-compatible receivers. RF Scan gives the user a clear picture of what frequencies are free of RF noise. The scanned block (low to high) is displayed on the 688’s larger color LCD, giving users a big, clear picture of what frequencies within the block are free of RF noise.

The 688 features six high-bandwidth mic/line XLR inputs, each complete with phantom power, high-pass filter, analog input limiter and variable pan, plus six additional line-level TA3 inputs for added flexibility in complex productions.

The Video Devices PIX series of rack-mount recorders, PIX 270i and PIX 260i, address a large number of multi-source video requirements for live productions, including fast-paced studio applications, live sports and events, and mobile production. The PIX 270i and PIX 250i provide tapeless, file-based recording and playback, with the ability to access and transfer high-quality files over Ethernet. Also on display will be the Sound Devices 970 — 64 track Dante and MADI audio recorder — which has become a staple in Hollywood as mics on-set are ever increasing.

Founded in 1998, Sound Devices, LLC, designs both Sound Devices audio products and Video Devices video products. Sound Devices offers portable audio mixers, digital audio recorders and related equipment for feature film, episodic television, documentary, news gathering, live-event, and acoustical test and measurement applications. Video Devices offers digital video monitors, recorders and related products that address a range of video productions, including fast-paced studio applications, live sports and events, as well as mobile, TV, film and documentary productions.

The Sound Devices, LLC, headquarters is located in Reedsburg, Wisconsin. Additional offices are located in Madison, Wisconsin, Chicago, and Berlin. For more information, visit the Sound Devices and/or Video Devices websites: and