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TELEFUNKEN Showcases Full Line of Premium Microphones at AES

Historic Reproductions of Classics and New Affordable R-F-T Mics

TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik of South Windsor, Connecticut, strives for perfection with all of its products. At this year’s Audio Engineering Convention in NYC, the company will exhibit its full line of premium microphones as well as showcasing its latest innovative models and ancillary products.

For over a decade, the TELEFUNKEN lab team has continuously improved their craft to the highest production quality standards. The tagline, “Built to a standard, not to a price,” is far more than an advertising line; it is a company-wide mentality. Every step of production is performed to strict standards in both function and quality.

TELEFUNKEN produces some of the world’s finest microphones, from meticulously manufactured historic reproductions of classic vintage microphones that are handcrafted in the USA, to the R-F-T series of microphones that take advantage of the globalization of technology.

TELEFUNKEN has developed a unique and revolutionary new diaphragm material called Alloy 2213(tm), which is found in their CK-13(tm) mic capsule. TELEFUNKEN offers a wide range of accessories and restoration parts, including a vacuum tube replacement for the original TELEFUNKEN VF14.

The TELEFUNKEN TEC Award-winning line includes the ELA M251E, U47, U48, C12, AK47MkII, AR-51, CU-29 “Copperhead”, and the ELA M260 tube mics, as well as the exceptional M80, M81 and the M82 dynamic microphones for live and studio performance. The company also produces premium XLR cables, vacuum tubes and historic microphone restoration parts.

See and hear the entire TELEFUNKEN collection at AES Booth #3253

To learn more about TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik, visit: