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This thing is in addition to the great ghd nz

I have in the past with hot tools, the use of this before I bought my ghd nz. I use the curly hair, and noticed that my hair super damaged and the actual burned, smelled burnt every time I her hair. Bad. This is when I decided to upgrade required. I have done a lot of research and decided I needed to go big or go home. I’m glad I did. The hairpin is awesome. It is fast, effective, and seems much less damage to my hair. It is very suitable for straightening and curling. In addition, this seems not a big deal, but really convenient …… can rapid heating. Like its crazy you open it and like 30 seconds later, its totally hot. If you can afford will save, wait until you the folica have many, buy this. Value for money..

This thing is in addition to the great ghd nz

This thing is in addition to the great ghd flat iron, and I want to share this and warned others had to return mine >>> Is there a way to reduce or adjust the temperature. It supports the a very consistne heat, but most of the hair is thin, fine heat. I recommend it if your hair using a high-calorie Othwerise.

I like this ghd nz. Sometimes twice bypass the hair, but honestly, I do not know you do not have to do with any iron. My hair is fine weather and very wavy / curly. I want it blown out of the first finger and it will be a little curl / wave stuffing before using the iron. But after use my hair straight smooth