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Trent – the Lei Zenuo Dr. Dre team together

Trent – the Lei Zenuo Dr. Dre team together

LOS ANGELES Beijing October 18, according to foreign media reports, the lead singer of Nine Inch Nails (Nine Inch Nails) the Trent – Lei Zenuo (Trent Reznor) revealed that he was “most Hip-hop singer “Dr. Dre common implementation of the a secret music program.

Statistics Forbes “Hip-hop rich list last year, Dr. Dre still ranked third this year, to $ 110 million worth of promotion champion. Is a successful artist, Dre is currently the CEO of both companies. The Lei Zenuo is the acoustic electronic equipment business with his company, beats by dre studio cooperation. Recently Lei Zenuo Facebook personal page revealed this news, he wrote: “Some people may have heard that I’m Beats By Dre last year I started and Dre, Jimmy Iovine, Luke Wood, and team others in co-authoring a lot of interesting things, next year will be to meet with you, I have been going to put their energy and creativity betting to different places, Beats gave me this opportunity. challenging the process, intoxicating and I want to tell you a lot of those things I’ve been dreaming … but I can not, can not currently. “

Dr. Dre huge accumulation of wealth, Beats By Dre claim credit. British entertainment industry the Heng Ximeng – Cowell (Simon Cowell) recently launched its own high-end headphones, ready to contend with the Beats headphones. Rumors before the cheap beats by dre company may want to for Lei Zenuo manufacturing a signature headphones, Lei Zenuo implied in the, “I can tell you, it may not be what you expect. Exactly what kind of co-operation? Perhaps Lei Zenuo his arranger talents should be applied to the the Beats product of design; maybe he will make some new music, only to enjoy the high-end audio equipment.

Lei Zenuo told Dre cooperation. 1999 Nine Inch Nails album “The Fragile” song “Even Deeper” remix beats by dre solo In addition, on the 13th of next month of Lei Zenuo and his wife set up a new band How To Destroy Angels will be issued first EP, “An Omen”. Since the termination of the the 2007 Lei Zenuo Universal Music, the first time signed a mainstream record label published works