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Vintage King and IADT Team Up for Debut of Vegas View at NAB

New Studio Features VK Build Out With 96-Channel SSL 9000J Console

Pictured during NAB at the Vintage King/VegasView debut are Ed Evans, VV Systems Designer/Chief Technical Engineer; Steve Strassberg, President, Strassberg Associates; Bobby Ferrari,Vegas View Recording Designer; Carl Yanchar, VV Recording Designer; James Casas, IADT Technology Chair; Ron Herbes, IADT Community Relations Mgr.; Jason Cropper, Vintage King; Jason Smith, President, IADT Vegas.

Vintage King Audio and the International Academy of Design & Technology (IADT) teamed up for the NAB Show unveiling of Vegas View Recording, a new 2,500-square-foot recording and mixing studio within its campus. VK Sales Rep Jason Cropper worked closely with famed Robert “Bobby” Ferrari, designer & IADT Vegas Studio Manager to help build out the studio, which includes a refurbished 96-channel SSL 9000J Console. Vegas View Recording is Las Vegas’ newest recording and mixing studio, overlooking the Las Vegas Valley and the glittering Las Vegas Strip.

“Vegas View is an ultra-modern, multipurpose creative center and the perfect showcase for Vintage King’s integration of legacy and state-of-the-art products,” remarked VK’s Jason Cropper. “Of special note is the fine work that Bobby Ferrari and Ed Evans did onsite, re-commissioning the previously-owned SSL.” Ferrari served as designer of Vegas View, alongside systems designer Ed Evans, and Carl Yancher, acoustics and architecture.

“I’ve worked with Jason Cropper and Vintage King for years,” commented Bobby Ferrari. “VK is the go-source when you need just about any gear. They’re fast, accurate, and always there when you need them.”

“It is very fortuitous that we were able to stage this event during NAB,” added Chris Bolitho, VK’s post-production director. “This is one of the year’s biggest gatherings of leaders in the video, audio, film and broadcast industries.”

The International Academy of Design & Technology Las Vegas (IADT), offers associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in a variety of design and technology disciplines. The industry-standard recording studio is first and foremost a teaching studio for IADT students. Vegas View Recording at IADT is also available for hourly and daily lease by professionals and others seeking use of a high quality studio operated by seasoned professionals.

The studio includes a vocal booth, a 1,200-square-foot live recording room and industry current control room. The control room is equipped with an SSL-9080J console for mixing and recording on a large format analog desk. The studio features a 48IO Pro Tools HD system with a Waves Mercury Bundle, along with a complement of outboard gear ranging from Neve 1073 Mic Pres, Summit Audio Pres, Eq’s, and Compressors, Bricasti Reverb, JCF Latté Convertors, and Dynaudio M3 Main Monitors with Lab Grupen Amps.

The acoustical design of the new facility is a modern take on the classic designs created by legendary designer Bill Putnam, dubbed by his peers as the father of modern recording. Traditional acoustic treatments, such as hard tile flooring, acoustical ceiling materials on the walls and acoustic absorbers near the floor for a deep low-end transmission, combine with modern technology in the control room to create a “new” version of a classic sound environment.

“We’re thrilled to offer everyone – from the famous to the independent artist or group — these new professional-quality services and recording facilities. Vegas View Recording has been designed as a top quality studio to record and experience working with professionals and students in a comfortable environment. We are confident it will be a hit with recording artists, engineers, students and everyone who loves recording music,” said Ferrari, Studio Manager at IADT Las Vegas.

“This will be a good place in Nevada to learn the true art of modern recording techniques,” Ferrari added. “IADT students will experience what real sessions are like in a truly professional environment, learning the minutiae involved in operating and managing a facility of industry standards.”

Ferrari has a long and successful track record in Las Vegas of developing and operating recording studios. In 1998, he oversaw the remodel and technical install of Lee Pepper Sound; advised and chief engineered Studio Vegas (now The Killers’ Battleborn Studios); performed gear upgrades for Digital Insight Recording; and co-designed, managed, and installed the TEC Award-nominated Odds On Records & Studios, featured on the Cover of MIX Magazine in November 2009.

Vegas View Recording is located on the campus of International Academy of Design & Technology, Las Vegas, 2495 Village View Drive, Henderson, NV. IADT-Las Vegas is just minutes from McCarran International Airport off Interstate 215, just west of Green Valley Parkway, overlooking the Las Vegas valley.

For more information or a tour of Vegas View Recording contact Bobby Ferrari at 702-596-3219.

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