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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, November 20, 2007 — Fairlight launches an innovative online help system called “Xplain” which is built right into the revolutionary new Xynergi Tactile Controller. It enables users to work continuously, without having to stop and refer to a manual for assistance.

“The fantastic thing about Xplain is that it is quick and easy, and lets you “see into” the buttons on the Xynergi controller‘s surface. You don’t have to stop working to get help – you can quickly dip in and out of it without waiting for screens to load, and without searching through lists of topics to find what you need. It is a great way to learn the system, or brush up on techniques you have not used for a while,” said Stuart DeMarais, Sales and Marketing Director.

The Xplain system delivers two different modes of on demand help.

The first mode is used when the operator is wondering about the function of a particular switch. Simply press the switch whilst holding down the Xplain button, and the system will display in the pad an explanation of the switch‘s function. This is an easy interactive way to learn the terminology of the system, and pick up the finer points of using it.

The second mode is Xplain‘s “How-To” system which includes a series of over sixty mini-tutorials that teach the operator how to perform certain tasks. There are ten major headings, with names of essential functions like Recording, Editing, Mixing and Automation, each of these can have up to ten sub-headings. Under Editing, for example, there are tutorials for Cut and Paste, Trimming, Slipping, Fades and Xfades, Shortcuts and more. Each sub-heading leads the user through a typical operational sequence that is easily navigated by pressing flashing switches. Explanatory notes are provided at each step of a sequence and intelligent navigation means that the user can start anywhere in the sequence, move forwards or take a few steps back.

Watch the short demonstration:

About Fairlight:

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia Fairlight designs and manufactures media production systems powered by the company‘s groundbreaking CC-1 FPGA digital processing engine. The Fairlight product range includes Constellation, Xynergi, Anthem and Pyxis, all of which feature in the world‘s leading broadcasters, commercial post facilities, music studios and film production studios. Fairlight has a rich tradition of innovation and development and is at the forefront of green computing technology.