Soundelux E47 Tube Condenser Mic

BY MICHAEL COOPER | Feb 01, 2003

When Soundelux Microphone's co-founder David Bock designed the company's new E47 tube condenser mic, his goal was to incorporate the most essential elements

Snapshot Product Reviews

By Mix Staff | Feb 01, 2003

SE Electronics Z-5600 Multipattern Tube Microphone Several years ago, David Zou a musician and former conductor of the Shanghai Symphony wanted to create

Auditions: Snapshot Product Reviews

By Mix Staff | Jan 01, 2003

MILLENNIA LPE-2 ANALOG LEGACY Archival Playback Equalizer It's rare, but every now and then, someone makes something totally from the heart, out of a

Snapshot Product Reviews

By Mix Staff | Dec 01, 2002

GRACE DESIGN MODEL 901 Reference Headphone Amplifier There are times when only headphones can reveal fine details and nuances that engineers need to hear

Shure ULX Wireless System

BY MARK FRINK | Sep 01, 2002

Long before Shure entered the wireless market, concert engineers specified cordless mics with SM58 or SM87 capsules. Since introducing its own UHF system

Schoeps DSP-4P

BY TY FORD | Aug 01, 2002

The Schoeps DSP-4P ($3,850) is described by the company as a digital microphone processor for the PolarFlex system. What does the PolarFlex system do,

Snapshot Product Reviews

By Mix Staff | Aug 01, 2002

CAD M9 Cardioid Tube Microphone When everybody in the audio biz goes one way, CAD always comes up with something different. This time, that something

Royer R-122

BY MICHAEL COOPER | Jul 01, 2002

Until now, fans of ribbon mics have had to put up with the historic drawbacks of such transducer designs, including low-output level (usually requiring

Field Test: AKG Acoustics C 900

By Mark Frink | Jul 01, 2002

Introduced last winter, AKG's newest Emotion performance microphone is the C 900 condenser vocal mic. It closely resembles the handheld dynamic mics in

DPA Microphones 3532-T

BY BARRY RUDOLPH | Jun 01, 2002

The DPA Microphones 3532-T stereo microphone kit is a great introduction to recording with spaced-pair, omnidirectional microphones. Packaged in a spill-proof,


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