Behringer Ships ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496

With the new ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 ($249.99) sample rate and format converter, Behringer is now shipping an updated version of its ULTRAMATCH SRC2000. 6/30/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

With the new ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 ($249.99) sample rate and formatconverter, Behringer is now shipping an updated version of itsULTRAMATCH SRC2000. New features include full 24-bit/96kHzcompatibility and full AD/DA conversion. Like its predecessor, the new ULTRAMATCHenables professional users to transfer digital audio signals betweendevices with different sample rates, formats or interfaces, disableSCMS for 1:1 digital copies and remove dropouts or jitter from digitalmedia. Simultaneously operable outputs offer splitterfunctionality.

The SRC2496 facilitates format conversion between AES/EBU and S/PDIFwith both coaxial and optical connectors, as well as conversion of30kHz to 100kHz sample rates into 32/44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz withselectable 16, 20 or 24-bit output resolution. Universal sample-ratesynchronization via wordclock or digital input is guaranteed, andparallel A/D and D/A conversion is possible with identical samplerates. In addition, the SRC2496 enables easy jitter removal, correctionof unstable, off-tune sample rates, and allows direct manipulation ofemphasis and copy-protection bits. On the connection side, RCA, XLR andoptical outputs are simultaneously operable with selectable AES/EBU orS/PDIF formats, while inputs are separately selectable.

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