Cycling '74 Releases Windows Version of Max/MSP

San Francisco-based Cycling '74 announced the release of its Windows versions of the Max and MSP graphical programming environments. 8/28/2003 8:00 AM Eastern

San Francisco-based Cycling '74 announced the release of its Windowsversions of the Max and MSP graphical programming environments. Max andMSP are now cross-platform products with both Mac OS and Windowsversions in the same package. Customers who purchases after July 1,2003, will receive the cross-grade product for free.

Max allows a user to build programs ( "patches") by connectinggraphical objects together. Some objects perform calculations andothers make up the user interface of the program. MSP adds a large setof objects that connect together to make audio patches where signalsflow from one object to the next. The Windows version of the softwareallow for cross-platform development of applications. Max/MSP patchesdeveloped on one platform will open seamlessly on the other, and useconsistent abstractions for all types of media protocols andinterfaces, including MIDI, digital audio soundfiles and interfaces.The Windows version supports PCs running Windows XP with audio devicessupported by .WAV or ASIO. Max/MSP hosts ReWire devices and VSTplug-ins, and supports all major audio file formats. Features areessentially identical between the Windows XP version and the currentversion of Max/MSP for Mac OS X. Users will be able to develop theirown Max or MSP external objects written in C, and distribute their workto others using the free MaxMSP run-time application. Support fordeveloping VST plug-ins on Windows will be available shortly.

MSRP: Max, $250; and Max/MSP, $495. Customers who purchased beforeJuly 1, 2003, will have the option to purchase a $29 crossgrade. Formore, visit

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