Steven Klein Completes Jim Kaufman Studio

Steven Klein SCR recently completed an acoustic transformation for Jim Kaufman, well-known writer/producer/performer for Opiate for the Masses 1/09/2004 7:00 AM Eastern

Steven Klein SCR recently completed an acoustic transformation forJim Kaufman, well-known writer/producer/performer for Opiate for theMasses, The Spore and others. Kaufman recently relocated to Los Angelesfrom Phoenix and was looking for a studio in his new home.

"Steven Klein turned my 15-by-25-foot living room into agreat-sounding project studio," Kaufman said. "The acoustic treatmentis totally portable: It is fixed to the walls with just five screws!And we have moveable gobos and acoustic panels. Steven came in andsorted out the room very efficiently. The room is perfect—justwhat I need for my productions." Studio equipment in the new facilityincludes a Digidesign Pro Tools TDM-based digital audio workstation rigwith Focusrite Controller, and Spatial One Control Room Monitors.

"We selected materials for the walls that would help quiet the roomand control sound within the area," Klein said. "Since Jim likes torecord in one space—there is no separate control room—weneeded to develop an environment for him that would accommodateoverdubs and vocal recordings. So we ended up with a single room with adivider that creates a separate mix area in one end, plus a stand-alonevocal booth."

Current sessions at Kaufman's project studio include a new album forOpiate, plus other bands under discussion. "I plan to record vocals inmy studio, having tracked the basics elsewhere and then add bass andguitar here."

For more information from Jim Kaufman, contact him at 323/650-9565or via e-mail at more information about Steven Klein SCR, visit

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