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Issue 208


New Products April 2016

Grove Hill Audio Liverpool Compressor Reinvented Beatles-Era Processor The all-tube, feedback, variable mu compressor from Grove Hill Audio ($1,495) was made famous by its...


Broadcast Wireless Systems

Wireless components specifically for gathering live event broadcast audio include a broad range of options in transmitters and receivers, communication (comm) and interruptible foldback...


Charles Bradley’s ‘Changes’

The challenge for producer/engineer/guitarist Thomas Brenneck, who has completed his third album with the fabulous ’60s-style soul singer Charles Bradley, is somehow to capture...


Let’s Collaborate!

There are “aha” moments in life when you realize that a change doesn’t simply affect you, but rather is a tide that raises all...


Bringing It All Back Home

Three things struck me immediately after two separate days of walking through the stunning new Dolby Building at 1275 Market Street in San Francisco....