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Who Is the METAlliance?

METAlliance members have made the music you know by heart; find out who they are and why they’re sharing their engineering knowledge.

The METAlliance is a group of engineers with an unparalleled track record who are responsible for the recording of legendary songs that resulted in unit sales in the hundreds of millions—most from a time when people paid a lot for music, went out of their way to find good music, and were constantly exposed to new and varying styles of music.

These are people who sat in the chair and represented you, the listener. They helped create the space and managed the latest technology—then and now—to capture the performance. That one performance.

With 40-plus GRAMMYs plus numerous Emmy Awards for engineering excellence, in addition to noteworthy AES recognition for outstanding contributions, the METAlliance is (alphabetically):

• Chuck Ainlay

• Ed Cherney

• Frank Filipetti

• George Massenburg

• Al Schmitt

• Elliot Scheiner

Look them up! You’ll hear their recordings on the radio, streaming, in movies, at audiophile shows to demonstrate high-fidelity equipment, and more. You dance to them, you sing along with them. They’ll make you happy, they’ll make you sad, you may even cry. You’ll hear those legendary songs in your head.

This collective group of recording engineers has a mission: to elevate the quality of recorded music performances, to make people aware of how truly great music can be, and to not let the magic of music go ex tinct. There are many ways to make music—playing an instrument, singing in an ensemble with others—and each one deserves support.

Performances are special and unique. In the creation of new music, the artist’s initial expression and intent make the ability to capture those moments an art form unto itself that deserve preservation.

Experienced in a wide range of music styles, METAlliance members have worked with artists including Frank Sinatra, Taylor Swift, Barbra Streisand, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Usher, Dr. Dre, Paul McCartney, Foo Fighters, George Strait, the Rolling Stones, Steve Earle, the Dixie Chicks, Dire Straits, The Eagles, Jackson Browne, Peter Frampton, Lionel Richie, Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt, Toto, James Taylor, Steve Miller, Luciano Pavarotti, Korn, Eric Clapton, Jewel, Bob Seger, Sheryl Crow, Elton John, Ringo Starr, Fleetwood Mac, Iggy Pop, The B-52’s, Aerosmith, R.E.M., Beck, the Doobie Brothers, Jimmy Buffett, Van Morrison, Meatloaf, Billy Joel, Dolly Parton, Rod Stewart, George Michael, Carly Simon, Foreigner, Kiss, The Bangles, Earth, Wind & Fire, Journey, Linda Rondstat, Jennifer Warnes, Herbie Hancock, Phish, Little Feat and Frank Zappa.

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