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PAMA Powers Through 2021

With 2022 well under way, the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) hasn’t paused, despite having had an eventful 2021.

The Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) held a host of online events throughout 2021, including three career opportunity webinars for audio students. The Berklee College of Music, Boston campus event in September featured (clockwise from top left): moderator Karen Dunn, KMD Productions; Chris Regan, RF Venue/PAMA; Kathleen Nieder, Shure; Chris Hansen, Harman International; Cory Schaeffer, QSC; and Kathryn Taub, Audinate.

Lemoyne, PA (March 3, 2022)—With 2022 well under way, the Professional Audio Manufacturers Alliance (PAMA) hasn’t paused, despite having had an eventful 2021, continuing in its mission to promote awareness and appreciation of high-quality professional audio through market leadership, communication and education.

The year saw PAMA, along with member company Shure, established the Mark Brunner Professional Audio Scholarship, which is offered annually to students worldwide who are pursuing an education in professional audio. Brunner, a long-time Shure executive, PAMA founding member, and leading voice in the audio community, was dedicated to education and mentorship throughout his career. The first two recipients of the scholarship were announced in August: Emma Brooks from Berklee College of Music and Dennis Freeman from Middle Tennessee State University.

In June, PAMA released a new advisory document, “PAMA Recommendations for Neutral Nomenclature in Pro Audio,” to address outdated language and terminology issues increasingly identified as discouraging a spirit of inclusivity within the professional audio community. “The intent is for  members to recommend adopting a framework within their organizations for the implementation of unified terminology across the industry, in the spirit of inclusivity and consistency,” explained  Board Chair-Elect and Inclusion Committee member Karam Kaul (Harman). This is a living document that will continue to evolve with ongoing input from the industry at large.

View from the Top: Chris Regan, PAMA

Working with KMD Productions principal Karen Dunn, the organization held three panel discussions specifically for students. These included sessions for Full Sail University and Berklee College of Music’s Valencia Spain campus, and, along with PAMA members from Audinate, Harman, RF Venue, Shure and QSC, a student career opportunity online event was held addressing students from Berklee’s main campus.

Additionally, PAMA maintained an itinerary of online events through the year, focusing on a range of topics and presenters, including Michael Ross, vice president of Partner Marketing for Sweetwater; Michael MacDonald, president of ATK Audiotek; Futuresource Consulting; PAMA member Mike Dias (In-Ear Monitor International Trade Organization – IEMITO); Tim Messina, Ian Messina and Benjamin Davis from Events United and Studio Lab; Daryl Travis (author of Little Things Big Returns); Patrick Killianey of Audinate; and economist Dr. Chris Kuehl. Each of these online sessions is archived for replay on the PAMA website.

“2021 was a great year for PAMA, and we look forward to even more in 2022,” stated Chris Regan, Chair of PAMA’s Board of Directors. “Whether talking shop with fellow manufacturers or sharing insights with the next generation of pro audio professionals, PAMA is an elite forum for ideas, present and future. Thanks to all who have participated in our eventful 2021.”