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Shure Acquires Ab Wavemark Oy

Shure is acquiring Ab Wavemark Oy nearly three years after first making a strategic investment in the Finnish wireless software company.

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Chicago, IL (September 18, 2023)—Shure has reached an agreement to acquire Ab Wavemark Oy. The move comes nearly three years after Shure first made a strategic investment in the Finnish software company, which creates solutions for solutions for theater, broadcast and content streaming applications. The acquisition will add Wavemark’s products to Shure’s professional audio portfolio.

“The acquisition of Ab Wavemark Oy will further underscore Shure’s commitment to providing our professional audio customers with innovative solutions that enhance workflow,” says Nick Wood, Senior Director, Wireless Category, at Shure. “We are excited to expand our portfolio with cutting-edge and customer-centric solutions that enable creative productions across theater, broadcast, and content creation.”

The forthcoming acquisition will bring offerings like Wavetool and WTAutomixer into Shure’s software library for audio engineers. Wavetool is an audio and listening application that provides monitoring that provides early detection of potential audio problems, streamlined communication capabilities with a sound team, and centralization of monitoring functionalities.

Shure Launches Compact MVX2U Digital Audio Interface

Compatible with RF receivers from multiple manufacturers, Wavetool can monitor up to 128 channels from one screen. Its’ custom-built algorithm automatically highlights faulty sound sources, so technicians can identify and address issues. Additionally, the Wavetool mobile app enables audio engineers to move around the stage while streaming audio directly to iOS devices. The chat functionality encourages front-of-house and stage technicians to communicate transmitter issues with one another. As might be expected, the software is compatible with several Shure systems, including Axient Digital, ULX-D, SLX-D, Axient Analog, and UHF-R.

Meanwhile, the WTAutomixer V2 plug-in is intended for use by podcasters, content creators and broadcast audio engineers, providing sound-mixing capabilities as it balances volume across multiple microphones while intuitively turning down non-active microphones, making it appropriate for talk shows, discussion panels and houses of worship.