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Live Sound

Countryman Swings with ‘In the Mood’

Travelling swing musical turns to Countryman lavs.

New York, NY (February 14, 2018)—Touring theatrical production In the Mood takes audiences back in time with its singers, dancers, period costumes, orchestral arrangements and more, but its audio has to reflect modern sensibilities. With that in mind, the show has been using Countryman E6 Earset and B3 Lavalier microphones.

The decision to go with Countryman came down to Bud Forrest, the show’s creator, producer and musical director: “In the Mood tours approximately 20 weeks per year—one tour in the fall and one in the spring, and rehearsals are underway for the next tour—our 24th year. 2018/2019 will be our 25th Silver Celebration Tour, including our fourth tour of Australia. Presently, we’re using four Countryman E6 Omnidirectional Earsets and two B3 Lavaliers. Our swing dancers wear the B3s in their hair and the vocalists use the E6 Headset mics.

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“The show uses four Sennheiser EM 2050 twin receivers and we have eight EK 2000 beltpacks as part of our system,” he added. “Like our Countryman mics, we chose Sennheiser because we can always rely on them—and they work so well with the Countryman microphones. These products create a great wireless system.”

The show features 13 musicians on stage and vocals in three wedge mixes on stage. “Reliability is of the most importance to myself and the performers,” said Forrest. “I am the only audio technician with the show, so once it starts, it’s up to my gear to perform. This is yet another important reason why we use Countryman.”

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