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F-Party Starts with Coda

F-Party, an EDM club in China, bolstered its Coda Audio PA before hosting the likes of R3hab and Armin van Buuren last month.

Kunming, China (April 24, 2018)—F-Party, an EDM club in Kunming, China, hosted gigs by international DJs R3hab and Armin van Buuren in March, and in preparation for the big gigs, CODA Audio’s Chinese distributors, Tempo, checked every inch of the system to ensure it was ready to meet the expectations of the artists and audiences.

Serving Up EDM in China for 60,000

The system at F-Party combines elements from across the CODA Audio range, including AiRAY, APS, APS-SUB and SCP-F Bass Extensions as well as U4-SUB and speakers from the G-Series.

Both guest stars were complimentary about their experiences at F-Party, praising the CODA Audio system. Zhu Zihao, executive director of Asian Electronic Music Association in China and owner of the F-Party brand, was pleased too.

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He noted, “The Coda Audio system is awesome. The sound is tight; the high frequency is gorgeous and the low frequency powerful and flexible. You can really feel the power and quality throughout the club and I very much look forward to our next collaboration with CODA Audio.”

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